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Subject: drag slick size

Original Message
Name: RonD
Date: October 02, 1997 at 17:25:15
Subject: drag slick size
I have a fairly stout 70 Chevelle 454. Traction is a problem. My question- What's the tallest
and widest drag slicks that will fit on the
Chevelle without modifying wheelwells, quarters,
frame etc?
Also, I built my engine (454+060)using '71
9.2 to 1 pistons (designed for open chamber heads). Wanting to add a little more compression, I used '69 427 - 390 HP heads. The
engine works great and seldom spark knocks.
My question - What approx. compression would I have? One friend says that 70 & 71 pistons are basically the same so I should have 10.25-10.5
compression. Any ideas??
Thanks in advance !! Love the site !!

Response Number 1
Name: Nathan
Date: October 02, 1997 at 23:47:18
Subject: drag slick size
If you contact your local GM AC Chevrolet Dealer they will be able to give you the 1-800 # for the right dept. in Michigan to call. They are really good at doing this for you. If not then they should send you the info. on how to determine what the compression ratio is for yourself. If you live near a Les Schwab Tire Dealer, or any other top dealer, they should be able to tell you what size tire will go on the rims you have, or plan to get with your Chevelle. If they don't have the info., then call the Muscle Factory and they will help you out. Muscle Factory 1-800-762-0317. They should be able to tell you the largest slick size w/o modification to your Chevelle.

Response Number 2
Name: Bob Tiley
Date: October 03, 1997 at 05:43:17
Subject: drag slick size
You can fit on a pair of 28" x 10" slicks with the propper rims - special offset. With Stock 15" x 8" Rallye wheels you can easily put on a set of 28" x 9" slicks. They hook great as this is the size I use.
The difference in compression is easily calculated But I would need to know the compressed thickness of your head gasket (Head gasket Volume in CC's, Combustion Chamber Volume (CC's) and the piston dome volume in CC's. If on the 454 bored .060 over your compression was truly 9.2 to 1 with a 119cc open chamber head and the same type of head gasket was used and a 108cc closed chamber head was swapped on the compression ratio would change to 10.05 to 1.

Response Number 3
Name: Larry I.
Date: October 03, 1997 at 07:11:28
Subject: drag slick size
I run M/T 28.0 x 10.5 slicks on my '67 2-door post with 8" Draglites w/4.5" of backspacing. I did have to shave a little off the inside wheel lip for a couple of reasons. 1. The rear end is out of a '70, so it's an inch wider than a '67 rearend. 2. The car sits almost level, so the tires are tucked more into the fenderwell.

Response Number 4
Name: Garry
Date: October 05, 1997 at 01:45:17
Subject: how much compression?
What pistons are you using? What head gasket are you using? What heads are you using? If you are runnin' 118-120 cc heads,.100 dome pistons,composition .038 head gasket (if the block has not been decked,and the head has not been skim cut)you are in the 9.7 range.

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