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Subject: 502 oil pan

Original Message
Name: Frank Cepeda
Date: October 31, 1997 at 04:20:02
Subject: 502 oil pan
I have a 66 chevelle. I notice in the November issue of chevy high performance magazine, that moroso has a pan for gen v engines. Will this pan work in my chevelle? Part # 20408. I also read in the same issue that GM performance parts has a 4 quart oil pan. Can anyone in the chevelle world help me ? Tank You.

Response Number 1
Name: Bob Tiley
Date: October 31, 1997 at 05:17:09
Subject: 502 oil pan
Both of these pans will clear your crossmember but on the 64 to 67 chevelles the inner tie rod ends hit the oil pan a little so you will need to put a dent in each side of the pan once the engine is installed for clearance.

Response Number 2
Name: Chris Martin
Date: October 31, 1997 at 07:12:54
Subject: 502 oil pan

Bobs right. I have the Moroso which has to be modified if you want to keep the power steering form canting your engine to the left and right.
Don't know about the GM pan.

Response Number 3
Name: Mark
Date: October 31, 1997 at 08:52:44
Subject: 502 oil pan
What about the oil pan in the GMPP catalog, part no. 10185076 ? Is this the same one that ya'll recommended from Apple Chevy? It says its a five quart for GEN V & VI engines and fits early-model Chevelle and Camaro.

Response Number 4
Name: Bob Tiley
Date: November 02, 1997 at 20:01:18
Subject: 502 oil pan
The Apple chevy pan is a modified 6 quart pan off the crate engine they cut and weld a piece to clear the crossmember, this was before the new GM oil pan. I don't know if the new GM pan will clear the 64 to 67 steering tie rods.

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