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Subject: 383 Stroker Engine

Original Message
Name: Bill
Date: July 20, 1998 at 20:46:16
Subject: 383 Stroker Engine
Hi, I have a 350 in my 69 right now and I am thinking of turning it into a 383 stroker for a little more fun. How much horse will I gain over my 255 H.P. stock engine that I have now? What's the oppinion of anyone who has gone this way? I am also using the car as my daily driver and am currently getting about 12 to 13 M.P.G will the stroker do much worse or about the same? Thanks, Bill

Response Number 1
Name: Brian
Date: July 20, 1998 at 22:31:27
Subject: 383 Stroker Engine
Bill, I have a 383 in my 68 el camino. Horsepower varies a lot depending on cam, heads, intakes system, etc. Same with mileage. I have a very mild cam & 3.08's out back (turbo 350) & my car gets 17 on the highway & runs consistant high 14's all day. I know these #'s are not that impressive but it's my dailly driver & it had to pass smog. I've heard some stories about aftermarket 400 cranks being made in china. heard they're not exactly the same as original & the block may need massaging to clear the crank ( which is something you need to check with any 400/350 combo) Do yourself a favor & get it balanced - the crank is balanced externally & you don't want problems with the balancer & unnecessary vibrations; heard a few horror stories about that too. It's up to you weather or not you want to have the crank hardened or not. some people say that when you resize the main journals you loose the hardness of the crank. I don't think 400 cranks are hardened though. I did it just as added insurance. I f I has to start from scratch again I would go for a 400 (you know what they say about inches) but if you want to use your 350 block, it's a nice way to go. Gobs of torque. Good luck!

Response Number 2
Name: brandon stephens
Date: July 20, 1998 at 23:37:42
Subject: 383 Stroker Engine
there are two kinds of stroker engines a long rod and short rod a long rod is the way to go with shorty pistons it will give you a gain in horsepower but the main gain will be in torque these engines are torque monsters. As far as gas milage i don't know

Response Number 3
Name: billh
Date: July 21, 1998 at 13:46:45
Subject: 383 Stroker Engine
I went thru a similar question trying to decide between a 383 or a 406. I surveyed around 12 pro engine shops to get their recommendation between the two engines and they were almost split down the middle...the 406 guys liked the extra torque from the cubes and said all the clearancing that is required to use the 400 crank in a 350 block is a loser. At the same time the 383 guys like the more reliable 350 block and didnt like the siamese arrangement and associated overheating problems. In the end I decided on the 406 with 350 rods, Keith Black pistons, Comp Cams 275 DEH cam, holley intake and 750 carb and 202 double hump heads NOT DRILLED OUT. The car is a total thumper and has given me no overheating or reliability problems at all.

Response Number 4
Name: mike
Date: July 22, 1998 at 21:18:12
Subject: 383 Stroker Engine

383 strokers are great!

Response Number 5
Name: Ken,
Date: July 25, 1998 at 21:33:24
Subject: 383 Stroker Engine
I have a 383 and love it!

Response Number 6
Name: Tom
Date: July 27, 1998 at 10:02:39
Subject: 383 Stroker Engine
if you already have the 350 block use it.

if you are going from scratch, go 400 block.

Response Number 7
Name: Greg
Date: July 28, 1998 at 09:19:03
Subject: 383 Stroker Engine
Go with a 400, with a 5.7 rod. Biggest problem with the 400(and 383 for that matter)is rod to stroke ratio. Some people say 400's overheat. No way. Something else was wrong and they just blamed it on the siamese bore. You will really love the torque of the 400.

Response Number 8
Name: Tero Toppila
Date: August 11, 1998 at 01:44:14
Subject: 383 Stroker Engine
I have no experience on 383 engines myself, but I have very, very good experiences on a 400. I never had any overheating problems whatsoever. My heads are #291 camel humps with steam holes drilled using a Fel-Pro gasket as a template. My engine has got an Edelbrock Performer cam and intake and it makes around 300hp and "too much" of torque down low, and the temperature never exceeds 200, not a single time. Even though my block is bored 0.060" over, something you probably shouldnīt do, I just had good luck when doing it and didnīt get any side effects.

Couple of friends have got their 406 (0.030 overbore) engines with hotter cams etc., and their temperatures reach 220, but no actual probles. The other is with an Edelbrock RPM cam and ported īVette aluminium heads, the other with 244/0.500" lift cam and Trick Flow heads, producing 396hp on a dyno.

But to give an opinion on Billīs engine, it depends on your budget. The 383 could be the best alternative cause you can use all the excisting parts except the crank, vibration damper and a flex plate or flywheel, and pistons. Just remember to balance the rotating assembly, IT IS A MUST. I think, I may be wrong, that you wonīt get that many horsepower from additional cubes, but the torque jumps up substantially. If you change the cam the horses will follow.

The maximum for a daily driver seems to be the Edelbrock RPM cam specs, any more than that, and you will be getting problems with easy idling, cruising and part throttle driving. At least thats what I have seen and felt with my friends combinations...

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