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Subject: Engine ID

Original Message
Name: Lowell Risden
Date: April 26, 1998 at 11:53:12
Subject: Engine ID
I guess it would help if I had included the engine# in my prior posting !
The number is FO4I2GF.
I appreciate any help in decoding this.

Response Number 1
Name: Mike
Date: April 26, 1998 at 15:43:35
Subject: Engine ID
FO4I2GF decodes as;

F=Flint Michigan Engine Plant
04=Month April
12=12th day of the month
GF=Has 6 different applications, all small block, mostly base engines except for the *FI version which would be rare today.
1955 Passenger 265cid/162hp, 3sp, 2bbl carb, A/C.
1956 Passenger 265cid/162hp, 3sp, 2bbl card, A/C.
*1957 Passenger 283cid/250hp, TurboGlide trans, Rochester Fuel Injection.
1965,66 or 67 Passenger 283cid/195hp, Powerglide Trans, 2bbl carb.

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