Team Chevelle

Who and what is Team Chevelle? has grown from it's humble origins as Hot Cars & Cold Beer in October of '95. Interest created a move to Chevelle Cruising and then in December of 96, was created to centralize the demand for high quality resources and information pertaining to Classic Chevelles.

Team Chevelle @ is also the owner of which is home to many top regional Chevelle Clubs. If your club would like to have free webspace just let us know.

Team Chevelle is an on-line Chevelle Club who create, sponsor and maintain the resources available for free on this website.
If you would like to become a club member of Team Chevelle, read all about it right here. We have private Member's Only areas which are only available to supporters.

All Chevelle enthusiasts are welcome to take part in this website. As we are hobbyists and not a business, all information on this site is free, and we have no bias or commitments towards any company or supplier, but we would appreciate you giving our sponsors a look. smile.gif - 93 Bytes

What years are covered here?
Primarily the early years: 64-72, although we do cover the 'newer' information in tech and the ads pages.

What are the plans for this site?
Well, we like to provide information and stats to help restore and maintain these classics. To this end we have interactivity with the Classifieds, tech discussion forum and more. We have something changing every day!

Emailing us:
Please note: Tech questions will be referred to our Tech Discussion area and requests for parts will be directed to our classifieds. We will try to be of assistance, but please look around first as we do receive a lot of email. If it's not listed on this website, chances are we don't have the answer.

OK, so who do I contact?
Please use the information on our contact page to email the administrator.

Can I take part?
Sure! Interactive discussion is available in Chevelle Tech. If you know of a website resource that would help, please list it in our database.
We also welcome contributions of articles, reference information and images. Original work is the only acceptable information as we respect copyrights. We will credit you with any information or articles you provide - remember, we are all hobbyists here working towards a common goal.

The Plan
We will continue to provide information and resources for Chevelle owners and enthusiasts to maintain or restore their classic Chevelle. This site is intended to be a FREE resource so please treat it as such. We will try and help with whatever we can, but please remember to look through the site before asking for assistance from any of the Team.

We always welcome the opportunity for new information and talent.

ęCopyright notice: All work on these pages are the electronic property of their respective developers. Images have either been created or modified for use on this site by team members. Original pictures and GM brochures are the property the original creators. Information and conceptual ideas in use on this site are not to be copied or used without the express consent of Online Performance Ltd, the operators of Team Chevelle @ We ask you to respect this fact.

This website has been created and researched by team members and is not open for copying and re-naming. We have not knowingly used any images created by someone else, with the exception of those paid for as part of an image package.