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Welcome To Team Chevelle

" ...We are an open directory Cool Site"
"...Generally overwhelming Chevelle-ness" - Car Craft Magazine
"...The center of cyberspace for Chevelle enthusiasts" - Super Chevy
"...An excellent place to immerse yourself" - Chevy High Performance
"...Best site on the Internet for anything Chevelle" - AltaVista

We are a group of Chevelle Enthusiasts who have gathered together to promote and maintain information and resources for the Chevrolet Chevelle and its derivatives, including the Super Sport, Malibu, El Camino, and GMC Sprint models.

Chevelle Tech
Interactive Technical Forums for on-line tech help and discussion. Join us for free and take part in this fun and valuable resource.

Buy & Sell or search for parts Online - free!

The Showroom
Photo Gallery of Stock, Modified, Racing & Rusted Chevelles

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Reference & How-to's

Rating & Reviews
Books, Parts & Services

Tech Reference Series
Technical articles with Wes Vann

Featured Chevelles & El Caminos
Monthly features since 1996.

Chevelle Registry
Building a database, take part.

Posters and Prints for home or garage.

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subforum_old.gif - 150 Bytes Chevelle Chat
     Online Chat - meet other members.
subforum_old.gif - 150 Bytes Chevelle Events Calendar
     Promote your event or swap meet.
subforum_old.gif - 150 Bytes Dealer Invoice service
     Original Invoices (1977+)
subforum_old.gif - 150 Bytes Dealer Zones Codes Database
     Find the dealer who sold your car new.
subforum_old.gif - 150 Bytes Index to Years
     1964 -1972 Models
subforum_old.gif - 150 Bytes Chevelle Mailing List Over 400 members
     "Chat" via email
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     Screen Wallpaper
subforum_old.gif - 150 Bytes Photo Gallery
     Previous Photos
subforum_old.gif - 150 Bytes Racer's corner
     Featuring Chevelle Combos.
subforum_old.gif - 150 Bytes Radio Tech
     Ident with Joe Hubka
     Chevelle Clubs and resources online
subforum_old.gif - 150 Bytes Resto Shop
     Articles to help you enjoy your Classic
subforum_old.gif - 150 Bytes Vintage Vehicle Services
     Idents for Canadian built/shipped cars.

subforum_old.gif - 150 Bytes Chevelle Decoder Program - Order Online
     Decodes most of the Chevelle line.
subforum_old.gif - 150 Bytes Production totals Print - Order Online
        For 68-72 Chevelles

We hope to provide assistance in the enjoyment of your Chevelle.

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