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chevellefreek May 25th, 08 5:20 PM

car leans & squeaks ? bad spring ?
my 70 velle is leaning to the right a inch or two in the rear. and also when i hit or a pothole or go over a speed bump it squeaks very loud from that same side. i know new springs will level it out but will it stop the squeak ? if not what are some other things that can cause a very loud squeak from the rear

shoey10 May 25th, 08 6:12 PM

Re: car leans & squeaks ? bad spring ?
Did you have the rear springs out? I remember seeing a thread on here at one time about a car that leaned, apparently there is a position for the coil springs to be lined up. Go into the search above and put in car level setting. This will give you the threads you will need.

chevellefreek May 25th, 08 8:26 PM

Re: car leans & squeaks ? bad spring ?
i have not had the rear springs out and i tried to look up that search but didnt come up with any thing that helped thanx anyway

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