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: electrical hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 2nd, 05, 2:47 PM
i am having a hell of a time with the wiring on this car. ill try to make it as short as possible. first off neither of my tail lights work, one brake light out, when car is put into gear, erratic idle,volt gauge bounces back and forth,lights dim with idle,gauge lights dont work. my gauges (autometer tach,speedo,fuel level)are hooked into the flat blade connector in the taillight circuit, when i put a fuse in, it either pops instantly or may last 5-10 min. my cd player cuts on and off randomly(drives me insane when im jammin' some social distortion) ive tried finding a bare wire or some sort of short somewhere, nothing, i just got a multi-tester to try to chase it but not really sure how to use it effectively. wirning isnt really my strong point, saving for new complete harness, need suggetions to help right now so johnny law isnt on my @$$ anymore. this is my daily driver. oh yeah its a 69 malibu

Aug 2nd, 05, 2:57 PM
I'd first unplug the flat blade connector off the tail light connector. With a good fuse does the tail lights come on? If not, is there 12 volts on both sides of the tail light fuse? Could be dirty fuse clips. The dash lights won't work without first getting the tail lights to work.