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: 70 SS Convertible Interior Light Harness

Jul 19th, 05, 12:02 PM
Anybody know where a interior light harness can be had for a convertible, its the one with the floor light sockets and the lead that goes to the fused side of the fuse panel, the other ends go to the door plunger switches?

Is it available aftermarket or is it something that would come out of a parts car?

Thanks zrwonder@comcast.net

Jul 19th, 05, 12:53 PM
OPG and I'm sure others, sell a "Courtesy Lamp Harness" for under dash and "Console & Console Extension Harness". You would probably need to call to be sure that it extends to the door switches, but I would think that it would. Not familiar with a '70 but if it has the lamp in the rear of the console, I would also think wiring would be included in the "console" harness.