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: Non-SS Chevelle - Racing Stripes or Not?

Dec 24th, 04, 12:33 AM
I just aquired a red '72 Chevelle with a 350 in it. I need to paint it, and I really like the large racing stripes on the hood and fender common on many Chevelles, but I don't want to do that if it was only an option only on the SS models. Were the racing stripes an option on the non-SS models or not? All comments/suggestions welcomed... Thanks.

Dec 24th, 04, 12:46 AM
Well from 70-72 the stripes ONLY went on the hood and deck lid or trunk lid not on the fenders.

The racing stripes were a SS only option, sorry

Dec 24th, 04, 1:27 AM
Fender!?! Darn... I meant to say hood and trunk lid - not fender. Well anyway, my hunch was right, they don't belong on a standard Chevelle. Back to a black vinyl top with some pin striping. Thanks sevt_chevelle.

Dec 24th, 04, 4:04 PM
Hey its your car if you like the look of the racing stripes you can paint them on. My 69 chevelle is going to be painted very soon and its just a plain old malibu but im painting the 70-72 style stripes on mine because i like the way they look. If your making a 100% original car on the other hand and you want it to look all original then you can paint the side fenders with the pin stripes. Its personal opinion. Good luck!


Dec 24th, 04, 5:34 PM
Agree with Tomb7us. I have a Malibu, and the nice thing about it is that I feel free to make it how I want it. With an SS car, I might have trouble feeling free to make modifications.

That means if I want something that SS had, then I'll put it on. If I want something unusual, I feel free to do it as well.

It's your car, and especially since it's a Malibu, make it like you want it, and to heck with anything else.

As long as you don't put a F*** engine in it, I will appreciate and respect your decisions. Variety is what life is all about.


Dec 24th, 04, 6:22 PM
Thanks guys, those last several remarks are kind of a load off - that's really what I wanted to do, because and nothing looks cooler than black racing strips on a red early 70's model Chevelle, SS or not. It's a non-matching number car, so I guess I really don't have to worry about authenticity. Now the work begins...

Dec 24th, 04, 6:23 PM
I had the bandaid stripes painted on my '70 when it was painted this year and it's "only" a Malibu.
What ever floats your boat, I say. graemlins/thumbsup.gif

Dec 24th, 04, 6:24 PM
I didn't put stripes back on my car just to be different, seems every chevelle SS or not from 68 through the mid 70s that show up at every cruise I go to have the 70-2 SS stripes on them. Most of the S-10 pickups here in town do also :rolleyes:

If you want stripes do it, if you want something different leave them off or do something similar to the Heavy stripes.

Dec 24th, 04, 8:56 PM
Good input... then tell me this, when you purest see a non-SS with stripes, is it interpretted that the guy is attemting a fake "clone" job? That's why I am considering not doing the stripes, I don't want something on my car that really doesn't belong there, especially if it will overall depreciate the value of the car.

Dec 24th, 04, 9:12 PM
No attempt here to clone an SS. I've got the correct Malibu grill and rear bumper. :cool:
But, I'll concede about the clear turn signal lenses...I just like them better than the ambers. ;)
Same with removing the upper and lower body side moldings. The car looks cleaner/sleeker without them, IMO.
I felt the car needed something to break up all the fresh white paint, especially after removing the black vinyl top. The stripes did that for me.

Dec 24th, 04, 9:26 PM
Super nice! Real tough looking. A nice touch at this point would be to tint the windows, don't you think?

Dec 24th, 04, 11:15 PM
The band aid stripes are real cool, do them if you want. My opinion however, is that they belong on the 70-72 cars, I don't like them on 68-69. 69 had a cool factory stripe. I prefer it. Anyway, dsfdf.

And Steve, watch me cut up my SS. I aint scared. Just sheetmetal, it can be replaced.

Dec 25th, 04, 12:09 AM
Do what you want. I think the SS stripes really set off a car. Your not going to try to pass it off as an SS, so do what makes you happy. I just put some 70 style SS stripes on a 69 Wagon I built for my wife, and they look great (IMO). Every one that has seen it likes it and that makes me happy.

Dec 26th, 04, 8:21 PM
put the stripes on it and hotrod that 350 and have fun doing it ,thats what its all about

SSuper Dave
Dec 26th, 04, 9:56 PM
I've seen a documented non SS 1970 Elky with the stripes on a flat hood.

Dec 28th, 04, 10:19 AM
If your going to paint it anyway why not get ya a Goodmark cowl type hood and THEN put the stripes on it. I think ANY 70-72 chevelle looks better with the "domed cowl" hood,,, and stripes.


Jan 1st, 05, 10:54 PM
It's seems that the contention so far, is that whatever floats my boat is what I should do, but my feelings, which kind of come from my vintage guitar knowledge, is you don't mess original stuff, especially finishes. But of course, the muscle car arena is somewhat of a different game, and I will most certainly use the "gray" area, since it seems acceptable to those of you more experienced than myself. But I will NEVER put an SS symbol on my standard Chevelle, but my cherry red Chevelle will get silver stripes, with a gray/silver vinyl top! Would love black, but it is SO common. And of course, headers, a fairly hot cam, 2101 Edelbrock intake with a pumper carb... and watch the heads turn. Can't wait... :D

Junkyard Dawg
Jan 1st, 05, 11:47 PM
Originally posted by Professor_SS:
I didn't put stripes back on my car just to be different, seems every chevelle SS or not from 68 through the mid 70s that show up at every cruise I go to have the 70-2 SS stripes on them. Most of the S-10 pickups here in town do also :rolleyes: You mean like this one?
What's wrong with that? :confused:

Jan 4th, 05, 4:27 AM
I remember reading on this site that it was possible to order SS stripes on a 1971-1972 Chevelle that was not a Super sport, it was possible for a plain jane 307 Malibu to have the SS stripes on the hood and trunk lid like an SS454. My 72 Chevelle is a documented SS and it came from the factory Seqouia green with no stripes, it is now bright red with black stripes (my favorite combo). I bought my Chevelle to build and enjoy how I want to and you should do the same, it's your car and do what you want to with it. Don't restore it to how you think someone else might like it, restore it the way you want it to be restored. I say put the stripes on there if you want them on there and since you said you are not going to put any SS emblems on it then to me I don't think you are trying to make it look like a clone.

Jan 4th, 05, 12:48 PM
I'm the one that paid for my car. It's going to be like I want it. I Didn't try to make my Malibu an SS. It's not one so there are no SS emblems anywhere. People say " yeah, but it's not an SS." I say " no It's better. It's exactly what I wanted. And it's built with better stuff."

Jan 4th, 05, 6:04 PM
I will NEVER put an SS symbol on my standard Chevelle, but my cherry red Chevelle will get silver stripes, I find it kind of ironic that some people have issues with putting "SS" emblems on a car, yet they will gladly put "SS" stripes on a car...

Personally, I think the stripes look cool on a 70-72, but IMO they need the factory domed hood to look right (CI or not). I personally don't care for the huge aftermarket cowl hoods too much...

Jan 5th, 05, 9:31 AM
AGE old debate.. my .02... it's your car ..make it like you want.. If i had a 70 HT I would burn up my credit card buying all the LOOKING great SS options availble after market or ebay..

You would be hard pressed to determine it did not come that way... graemlins/thumbsup.gif

BUT I would not hide the fact it's a "CHEVELLE " that I dressed up to look like it had some "SS" options... graemlins/hurray.gif

Bottom line.. Make it look like YOU want it too, and Drive it Like you STOLE it..

Jan 9th, 05, 12:50 AM
Well, when I resprayed my '72 chevelle with it's original color(placer Gold), I took one look at the paint in the can and realized I needed to break-up all that gold. So I ordered an ss stripe kit and told my body guy to do the best he could.

It's not an ss hood, so no cowl induction scoop. It turned out great, and I think it added alot to my car. I also get alot of comments on how much people like it, and I smile every time I see my car. Do this for you, not for everyone else. Besides, it can always be resprayed if you want to bring it back to original.

I can post some pics later if you want to see what they look like.