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: What PS Pump do I buy to....

Jun 30th, 05, 3:43 AM
replace the one in my 68 Chevelle Malibu equipped with a 91 Caprice cop car PS gearbox in it. I believe its shot. I can no longer turn the wheels with the car not moving (feels like manual steering) and the pump is real noisy. I need it to be high enough in psi to work the Caprice box.


Jun 30th, 05, 4:13 AM
You would be stuck with a newer style pump , due to the fittings on the box, pump , and hoses .

Of course fittings exist to convet older pumps to newer hoses and vice versa , don't remember the link now though ( getting tired it 12 am ) .

Jun 30th, 05, 9:34 AM
I take it you already have the line adapters on to fit the box when you first installed it. Just replace it with a 1968 Chevelle P/S pump.

Jun 30th, 05, 9:47 AM
I have a high ratio gear box and hydroboost, and replaced my PS pump with a NAPA OE replacement. Works fine. I'm running Red Line PS fluid in it.
From what I've heard the old style Saginaw PS pump is about as tough as it gets, alot of Ford guys that do road racing and such like to convert to a Saginaw.