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: Cleaning after wiped cam lobe

Planet Camaro
Jun 17th, 05, 12:35 AM
I had the misfortunate of wiping a cam lobe on a CC280H in my 350. It started as a low tick since the engine was rebuilt and progressively got worse over 1500 miles. After 3 valve adjustments thinking rocker nuts are loosening, the last adjustment sent it over the top. I pulled the cam and found one lobe worn at an angle along with its lifter, also worn at an angle Ė the lifter obviously stopped spinning at some point.

The engine is still in the car. The drained oil shows no detectable glitter or shavings after fishing through with a magnet. The filter does have some glitter and very fine metal dust on the bottom but nothing significant Ė oil and filter changed 3 times so far - initial startup, after first 50 miles, and then at 1000 miles with synthetic.

A new Voodoo cam and lifter set is arriving tomorrow. Understanding that Iím equipped with basic tools, knowledge, and limited funds, how far would you go to clean the engine? Would I be taking a big risk stabbing the new cam in, breaking it in, and just flushing the engine immediately after?

Jun 17th, 05, 1:33 AM
Hate to say this but you really should pull the engine and at least take the pan off and check some bearings. Thats alot of little pieces floating around.

Jun 17th, 05, 11:36 AM
Don't mess around with it! A wiped lobe put LOTS of metal in the motor.. Take EVERYTHING apart & clean it. I could dig up some pix of what my bearings looked like after 2hrs run time on a bad cam (1 lobe went flat) if you need further convincing..

Its no fun, but it will cost you more in the long run if you don't do it right in the first place..

As always, just my .02

Jun 17th, 05, 11:40 AM
BTDT, disaasembled EVERYTHING, special gun barrel brushes in the oil galleys, even took the block to a wanda wash for some high pressure action.

Go all the way. Else this puppy might not live another 1500 miles. Sucks, but....

Jun 17th, 05, 12:33 PM
I just went thru a problem with a new engine, not cam failure but I had metal in the system. After remachining the block and thorough cleaning I felt it was perfect. When I cleaned the piston rod assemblies I was amazed at the pieces of crap that were hiding behind the pin in the piston. You would never see them unless you dug right in there and flushed them out. Just from my experience I would go over yours with a fine tooth comb to be safe

Planet Camaro
Jun 17th, 05, 1:11 PM
I guess I was hoping I could get away with it and have it last until next spring (tax season) at least, after which I plan on rebuilding the car's original engine, now sitting in my garage. From this post and others I searched through, doesn't seem like that's a valid alternative.

Really appreicate the input and thanks!

Jun 17th, 05, 1:23 PM
I shouldn't say this, but I had the same thing happen and did not tear it down.
I flushed it with kerosene (not running) and got a magnet on a stick
I could get through the oil drain hole. I kept making passes with it until
I had NO glitter stuck to the magnet. I then filled with oil and new filter
and fired up a new cam and lifters. Broke in the cam and changed the oil
and filter. Ran it 50 miles and changed it again. I had to pull the heads
later for other reasons and noticed that cylls 1 - 4 had minor scoring on the walls. Figured that I would just run it until it forced me to rebuild it.
Compression is 190 and the leakdown tests are within 3%.
I am not recomending you do this, this is just FYI.
I consider myself very lucky and feel guilty for not ripping it down.
I just did not have the cash at the time and driving season had
just arrived. Plus, I fugured the damage was already done. I would just
get my use out of these parts and when they went, I would bore it to .060

Planet Camaro
Jun 17th, 05, 2:42 PM
Thanks for stepping out with that post. The great thing about this site (and itís sister site over at Camaro) is that the responses are usually solid and well intended. I appreciate the advice on the ďright thingĒ to do and the experience with risk taking.

I have a new cam on my doorstep, a new engine stand in my trunk, and a couple hours to think about what Iím doing to do.

I need to psyche myself out that working on a high performance 67 ragtop is just as fun as driving one.


Jun 17th, 05, 2:50 PM
Dave, that's pretty cool. I saw engines flushed out with kero as a kid. They pulled the pan and flushed it. Strained it and then flushed it again. Hey, you could do a decent job I suppose. Good luck Planet Camaro!

Jun 17th, 05, 2:55 PM
Like SS+Dave I didnt remove the motor after a lobe on a xe comp cam went flat. I poured copious amounts of varsol through the motor...let it soak....drain and then ran a preoiler with a mix of marvel/varsol for 10 min...let it soak for a couple of hours and ran it again.

Installed Harolds 268 and so far at ~ 1000 miles no prob, compression is good, no smoke, no knocks.

What have you got to loose as long as you are careful to listen for impending would have to pull the motor anyway and if it works...go have fun.

Planet Camaro
Jun 17th, 05, 3:05 PM
The new cam is Harolds Voodoo 262. You have no idea of the temptation to see how it does in a 9.5-1 355 with 2500 stall and 3.42 gear setup. Maybe you do!

Jun 17th, 05, 3:13 PM
What have you got to loose as long as you are careful to listen for impending would have to pull the motor anyway and if it works...go have fun.

Thats what I was trying to say.
You said it much better.
And, impending doom IS a reality.


Jun 17th, 05, 3:37 PM
I'd pull, strip, clean, and inspect it if it was me. Might be ok now, but it could be ruined if run longer.... never know. Might be fine with a good cleaning, might be on the edge of catastrophe.

Planet Camaro
Jun 17th, 05, 3:41 PM
Might be fine with a good cleaning, might be on the edge of catastrophe.

Have you been talking to my wife?

Planet Camaro
Jun 20th, 05, 9:13 AM
Quick update:

New cam is in. Engine was flushed several times prior to install until I could find no trace of contamination in oil or filter. If thereís any metal in there, itís already embedded Ė time will tell.

The Voodoo 262 is a nice cam for this set up. Good sound, tons of vacuum (17 in drive), Steady linear torque from idle on up. Itís a good driver now.

Miss the peaky-ness of the 280H Ė that cam was amazing from 3500 up.

If this engine gets me into next year, Iíll go for back to the bigger cam, and bump up the stall and gears. That little taste of performance had a very addictive edge to it.