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: Hard to find parts for 1970 Chevelle?

Jun 15th, 05, 5:54 PM
New member here, very interested in buying a 1970 Chevelle SS big block. My question: is it hard to find parts for a car this old?

Not just performance engine parts, but other crucial components like suspension, A/C, ignition, etc. I am not planning a restoration, just for the occasional repair. I hope to use the car as a daily driver.

Thanks for your feedback,


michael n mississippi
Jun 15th, 05, 6:14 PM
parts are very easy to find used and new. if ya dont want to get new try ebay-keyword search chevelle. there is about 9000 used and new items at any given time.

Bill Rose
Jun 15th, 05, 6:15 PM
You shouldn't have any problems finding the parts you mentioned...

Jun 15th, 05, 8:46 PM
I find it easier to find parts for chevelles then any modern car out today! Your'll have no problem getting just about anythign you need. Chevelles are the best muscle cars out there. enjoy....