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: Anyone had this happen???

Jun 13th, 05, 12:40 PM
Over the winter I did a complete Polygraphite front end rebuild. I also put new 1 inch lowering springs on the front with stack height in the rear and new KYB gas shocks. Well anyway, my front upper control arm on the passanger side lost the nut in the rear bushing and the bushing came out!!! I did not press the bushings in, I had a local shop do it. Here are my questions. 1 - is this common? 2 - should the shop be willing to press the new bushings in at no cost? 3 - Am I just an idiot for not tightening the thing to ensure it was tight? The other bolt in the control arm bushing is fine as is the driver side control arm bushing bolts.

Jun 13th, 05, 1:37 PM
Yes, it happens regularly. Keep a 9/16 wrench handy and give 'em a good tug whenever you get a chance. Don't know about the shop, since it's not really their fault...

Jun 13th, 05, 2:12 PM
FYI, the compression lock nuts are only good for one compression. If that's the type you are using you might want to consider nylock or similar as a replacement, and/or use loctite on the threads for good measure.

Jun 13th, 05, 3:24 PM
No nuts just the bolt threaded in there. I will be checking for now on.

Jun 13th, 05, 4:01 PM
Happens all the time
Mine were loose before cb05 locktight them.

Jun 13th, 05, 4:34 PM
Sorry, I converted mine when I went to the offset shaft to nuts. Sounds like loctite is your only bet + regular checking.