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: Is this a good running gear setup?

Jun 12th, 05, 3:33 AM
Engine- 350ci 330hp
Trans- 700R4 2000 stall
Rear- 2.73 ratio

Should this setup work okay for street use? No racing in the plans. Should the ratio be in the 3's? What is the expected performance? Fast off the line, or high-end?

Thanks again!!

Jun 12th, 05, 8:49 AM
3:73 would be a whole lot better - The 2:73 would be fine with a non overdrive trans but I think that it will be a little tall for a 4 sp, auto. It would probabally work but you might not get it to lock up correctly in 4th. because of the gear.


Jun 12th, 05, 10:07 AM
I have the 330 horse engine, 700R4 and a 3.33 in my wagon, which would be heavier than a coupe by a few hundred pounds. The gas mileage is close to 20mpg on the highway but the car is a little sluggish on hills in overdrive. I am thinking of switching out to a 3.55 or at least a 3.42 to pick up a little oomph off the line and better o/d performance. 3.73's would be great, but the gas mileage may suffer a bit.

Jun 12th, 05, 11:12 AM
3.42 would give you a better off the line ratio than a 4.11 and 3 speed auto, while giving you the benefit of a final drive ratio of 2.4. Go too steep with the rear gears, and the 700's 3.06 1st will be too steep, and much less than 3.08 and you have the wide ratio from 1st to 2nd dropping RPM too much and hurting performance a little. IMO 3.23-3.42 for a SB street combo would be ideal.

Jun 12th, 05, 5:00 PM
When I decoded my ratio, and saw it wasn't 3-something, I knew I'd have to change it. It should be worth it when I'm done though. Thanks for the advice