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: UMI control arms

May 30th, 05, 7:13 PM
I received the adjustable uppers and the double adjustable lowers this weak. Ryan at UMI (phone 814-857-5400) finally finished about 30 of these units if anyone else is interested. I am also using a Wolfe Race Craft spherical billet upper control arm bushings, no other bushings used All of the other ends are Qa1 rod ends teflon lined, teflon lubricated, selfcleaning hard cromed plated. Car is still on jackstands, installing new brake lines. I haven't driven the car with this improvement yet.
The fourth picture shows the the Wolfe bushings should work in most positions that the arm will ever travel in.

May 30th, 05, 7:19 PM
I'm running UMI adjustable uppers and Wolfe Craft adjustable lowers on my '70.

Seems to work pretty well...had a 1.43 60' last Saturday. :thumbsup:
Also, thought about removing the Edelbrock no-hops and installing the Wolfe Craft spherical bushing you've shown.