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: Obd 11

Apr 29th, 05, 8:37 PM
I have a 2001 Blazer and have a error code 341 ,anyone know anything about a camshaft position sensor amd why tHe code only shows up after getting gas and last only for a few miles and Goes off till the next fill-up.THANKS

Apr 29th, 05, 9:20 PM
Did you try to clear it by disconnecting the battery? Even if the SES light doesn't always light, the code is still in there. OBDII will keep the code for a while, even if the conditions that set it aren't repeated.

Apr 29th, 05, 10:36 PM
I would take the gas cap and ask a Test Station to please pressure test it! Maybe you have a bad gas cap is all??


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Apr 29th, 05, 11:20 PM
Just passed New Jersey inspection,light was out. The gas cap was tested and passed.Code 341 was picked up at Autozone. Camshaft position sensor Bank A CKT/perfromance range?

Chris R
Apr 30th, 05, 12:39 AM
OBD 11 isnt coming out for another 50 years. :D

I cant say I have heard of that part of the system being related to the fuel or evap systems.

Apr 30th, 05, 12:35 PM
anyone know what the part does,located under distributor cap????