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: 68 Nomad

Johnny O
Mar 25th, 05, 9:36 PM
I had this in bench racing, but probably better in here. Im trying to look at a 68 Nomad, and if I can ever catch up with this guy, I plan on lookin at it. What is the Nomad? Im only familiar with the older ones, 55's, etc. Is the Nomad an entry level wagon as someone suggested? What should I look for. I have a 71 Chevelle coupe now, so this would be my first wagon. Are body parts commonly available?

Mar 25th, 05, 11:17 PM
I have two wagons both 71s. one is red SS396 as seen in ACES maz. It has a 70 front end, the other one also a 71............68...72 are 116" Wheelbase cars are 112". wagons and el caminos share fenders,and other parts. both my wagons are nomads. 71 nomad is rubber mats no frills car. good for makeovers no exterior holes to fill, my spare has Fact A/C, pd. brks,p. steer two way gate. for very good info-----Pete----is the man. he lives in virginia by a river, you can spot his tent and van. Pete is FOFDYFO= 454 . Pete has more info about wagons than most people. Wagons grow in virginia you should see his yard in the spring............I may be able to help pete will help. BOB 2wagons 1 el camino

pop d top
Mar 26th, 05, 12:36 PM
Hi John,

I looked up '68 station wagons in my "1953-1975 Chevrolet Book of Numbers" and it lists "Nomad" in the 300 series chevelles. It appears that in $ rank in '68 it starts at "Nomad" then up to "Malibu" then "Concourse".

The description in the text reads:

"CHEVELLE 300 DELUXE SERIES: (In addition to or replacing Chevelle 300 or Nomad equipment) Body sill moldings. Chevelle 300/Nomad rear fender nameplates. Sedan rear cove lower trimmolding. Rear cove or tailgate center emblem.

CHEVELLE 300 SERIES: Anodized aluminum grille. 4-unit headlights with anodized aluminum bezels. Grille opening moldings with Chevrolet emblem. Chevelle nameplates on hood. Front bumper-mounted parking and directional signal lights. Side marker lights. Windshield reveal molding. Chevelle or Nomad rear fender nameplates. Front fender engine ident. emblems with extra cost six and all V-8s. Bright ventipane frames. Chromed outside rear view mirror. Single unit rear lights with bright bezels. Backup lights in rear bumper. Rear window reveal moldings. Rear cove emblem."

Also for what it's worth, in '69 the wagon line-up reads: Nomad, GREENBRIER, Concourse, and Concourse Estate...they seem to have replaced Malibu with Greenbrier and added the "Estate" level to concourse. Just thought I'd pass that on. I hope any of this helps. Good luck on the Long roofed muscle car! Like I said in bench racing...base cars make great hot rods.

Mar 27th, 05, 9:54 AM
hi, and welcom to the wagon world. you should get a wagon, it will be the best thing you ever do. you may not realise it now , but you will one day wonder what you did without one.
i have more info here http://www.chevelles.com/wagons/index.html
and on my we site www.einstyn.com
feel free to ask questions here on TC.

Johnny O
Mar 27th, 05, 11:41 PM
Thanks guys...Im passing on the 68, it's farther away from me and it sounds pretty bad.... but there is a 69 Concours nearby that I already looked at the other day....307 w/ PG, interior nice, needs both front fenders, and the guy thinks quarter patch panels, but I think quarters...I dont know, maybe not, but they're pretty rusted. Rockers too. He said the floors and frame are solid, no rot to speak of. I havnt checked out under the car yet, but I will do that if I decide to go back and look. Doors are pretty good, tailgate is good too. The car is all original. There is some rust perforation on the pillar by the tailgate on drivers side (C pillar?) He's asking 2K, and said he will take 1800.00...I dont really want to get into that much of a resto, but if it doesnt need floors, that's a good thing. I'll know more later this week.