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: Emissions in Colorado?

Feb 20th, 05, 2:06 AM
I'm building up a '79 Blazer that will end up in Colorado, and need to know the scoop on emissions law there. Are vehicles smogged regularly there? Must engines meet emissions requirements from the year the were produced? Thanks for any info.

Feb 20th, 05, 12:42 PM
If you register your truck in one of the four counties around Denver metro, you will have to have an emissions legal inspection. It is from the year produced, but they do not check for aftermarket equipment. You can't get plates without emissions testing. Most of the minimum wage people who work at the emissions stations, only are able to read pass fail off the tailpipe test or the dyno. I have to get yearly emissions on my 57 chevy, because I run specialty plates instead of collector plates. I have my SS registered as a collector car, and only have to get emissions every five years.

Feb 20th, 05, 6:54 PM
Thanks MileHi. I heard there was something like a 5-year collector car? Not sure what that is, but supposedly gets you 5 yrs rather than each year. The truck will be in Montrose (or right near there), so maybe we'll get out of emissions testing?

Feb 20th, 05, 8:19 PM
Probably no emissions testing on the Western Slope(the California side of the Rockies) but if you buy the collector plates you will have to pay for all five years up front. That's probably about 5 x $30.00 or so.

Feb 20th, 05, 10:11 PM
There's some good news. The '79 is ok for collector plates?