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: 66 chevelle built for export

Feb 18th, 05, 2:26 PM
I have a 66 chevelle malibu which I am currently restoring. I bought the car in Guadamala and have learned that it was built for export. The heater core hole in the firewall has a GM plate across it. I was wondering if anyone had anymore info on these cars that were built for export.

Feb 18th, 05, 2:54 PM
Hmmm.... Was the car built in Canada or the U.S.A.? I can recall a Canadian built '66 Malibu SS with a 230 for sale a few years back that was built for the Scandanavian market. It had a metric speedo. Many years back there was a featured car on this site that was a U.S. built '67 SS396 (http://www.chevelles.com/feature/luiz67.htm) that resided in Brazil (it can still be seen on this site as a past featured car). It seems to me I conversed with the owner 9 years ago and learned that it was a 396/325 with a Powerglide (not as bad as it sounds).
The right hand drive cars of the 1st generation all used a RHD 1964 dash. From what I've read, there were some different interior choices offered (i.e. red interior in cloth for the base 300 & Malibu for 1967). The heater delete (C48) was not offered in Canada but as for export cars... Sometimes lower compression versions of the standard engines were offered for countries with marginal gas.

Feb 18th, 05, 3:22 PM
I have found out that the car was built in Baltimore. It has a metric speedo. I believe it came with a 283 motor and 3 on the tree transmission. It has since got a 396 and 4 speed. Car came with black bench seats. The exterior was a burgundy colour not sure if it was original or not. Looked like it was. I'm not sure if I can find out somewhere where it was exported too?

Feb 21st, 05, 12:57 PM