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: Carburetor?

Feb 14th, 05, 5:05 PM
I have a Rodchester 4GC carb from a 1966 Chevelle. I am looking to have it rebuild and restored. Looking for any good shops to do it right the first time. I have delt with shops before and it took 3 and 4 times to get it right. Any help would be great. Thanks

Feb 14th, 05, 5:40 PM
just sent mine to ( ,very knowledgeable. he is very busy and his turn around time is not instant but after talking to him i think it will be worth it. he can also get everything replated to original if thats what you want.

Feb 14th, 05, 5:51 PM
Hey, we have a guy who treats our local Chevelle club pretty good. He rebuild, restores, replates, etc

Chris Hamlin, in Englewood, Ohio (