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: 65 big block Power Steering Pump Help!!!

Jan 12th, 05, 10:09 PM
Okay, I finally got the big block in the 65 (originally a 283). I need to know of a good power steering pump set up for a SWP. I bought brackets and tried to reuse the small block pump but it hits the power steering box. Ground Up has a whole kit for the SWP with remote reservoir but it's about 450.00 (ouch). If anyone has info it would be most appreciated!!! ;)

Jan 12th, 05, 10:41 PM
One going on ebay right know complete with brackets for swp.396.Has i think 6 days left.About $130 right know,usually go for around 150.On there bidding on alt.bracket saw it.backets ,pump,and remote res.Good luck, Lewis

Jan 12th, 05, 10:44 PM
Can't spell today.now not know

Jan 12th, 05, 10:47 PM
Thanks for your posts and questions lately cromedss. If I don't end up using my 472ci Cad motor, (that's another thread), I will be dropping my BBC into my '65 in the next month. I am also curious about the PS pump difference. I have two different pumps ready to try, but think I'll run into the pulley issue also. I also wonder what motor stands you used (BB or SB) because of your header issue you posted earlier? Sorry I can't answer your questions, your just a bit ahead of me, congrats.


Jan 13th, 05, 9:59 AM
Thanks, I will check out the one on ebay. I'm a little concerned about where I will mount the remote reservoir because I am using March pulleys and Alt bracket. I was really depressed that my pump and brackets didn't work after doing several mock installs out of the car to get everything right.

MJ, if you are going to use headers go ahead and clearance #5 for steering. Also very tight against passenger side frame rail. I am using the Comp headers with 2" primaries.

I will try to post some pictures of my progress soon.

Thanks Guys.... graemlins/beers.gif

Mark 502
Jan 13th, 05, 11:18 AM
What brackets did you use? I used the stock stamped sheet metal brackets from Ground Up for a big block with the stock pump. I exchanged the 65 pump at Auto Zone for a later remote fill type for about $36.00. The size of the pump and can are the same as the 65. Had plenty of clearence.

Jan 13th, 05, 12:51 PM
Chevy BB Power Steering Correct-Align Brkt. for GM reservoir pump;SWP
(Part #8007)
Price: $130.00
Big block, short water pump; for early GM reservoir pump with 1/8 key on shaft
From Zoops

or Alan Grove which is what I have and reused my SBC pump see below

Power Steering Pump Bracket

This Big Block bracket is designed for the Chevrolet Saginaw non - metric power steering pumps with the attached reservoir. They allow clearance for the alternator belt no matter where the alternator is mounted. These pumps were used on most Chevrolet applications with short and long water pumps until the early 1980's. Short water pump applications are normally driven off an add - on third crankshaft pulley. These pulleys are available from Chevrolet under Part Number 3751232 or from us. (Short Water Pump Only).

Jan 13th, 05, 1:03 PM
March Pulleys/alt bracket don't matter... I have March pulleys and alternator brackets on my 66 and I use the stock PS pump and bracket with no problems (just get the March 3-groove crank pulley)

And the pumps are actually the same (SB and BB), its just the outer sheetmetal housing/reservoir that differs (and is interchangable).

I bought brackets and tried to reuse the small block pump but it hits the power steering boxThe Chevelle BB SWP uses a special set of brackets designed so that the pump will clear the steering box. Since that clearance requires the PS pump to be relocated upward, there isn't room for the "regular" PS pump reservoir beneath the alternator, and thats why they needed the remote reservoir...

I exchanged the 65 pump at Auto Zone for a later remote fill type for about $36.00. Mark, what application? I know some of the 80's/90's Chevy HD (1-ton? 3/4-ton?) pickups used a remote setup that was similar, but never looked to see how similar (although my buddy has a setup on his 66 that functions and looks stock but doesn't look original "1966". He bought the car with it though)

Most "Chevelle" places sell the correct brackets including GU, You probably can find the outer housing separatly, and reuse your pump internals... Since the pump is relocated, the hoses to the box might not fit right (watch the headers and belts for clearance)... Yes it gets expensive...

Not sure of a cheaper way besides piecing stuff together or going complely aftermarket which is probably more expensive than the "stock" stuff.

Mark 502
Jan 13th, 05, 2:23 PM
Tony, I realize there is more than one way to skin this P/S cat but I took the simple way and used a short water pump and stock type brackets for a 65 Big Block available from Ground Up. The pump I used will fit the later chevelles like the 67 thru 72.The only difference in the pump is the can on the back. In fact you can just by the remote can if you like and remove the stock 65 can with the fill snout and replace it with the remote can. The stock 65 small block pump fits on the big block brackets. You do however have to buy the adjustment bracket that bolts to the pump and the forward header bolt. Simple solution without havig to buy after market stuff like Zoops or March.

Jan 13th, 05, 4:43 PM
I also have the Alan Grove brackets and the pump sits too low and the SBC pump will not fit. I would love to know how you made this work on a 65'. It's basically just a "J" shaped cradle with a top adjusting mount. The Auto Zone exchange sounds interesting because then I only need the two original brackets and the external can right. Thanks for all the replies...very helpful... graemlins/thumbsup.gif

Mark 502
Jan 13th, 05, 6:01 PM
If you exchange the pump it already comes with the can. Just tell them you want the later pump with the remote fill. The pumps are the same except for the can.

Dec 20th, 06, 11:59 AM
E bay Item number 130060412075

Dec 20th, 06, 4:26 PM
For many years (24 +/-), I used the SBC pump with a crudely fabbed lower bracket. I finally broke down and bought a complete original BB set up off eBay a couple of years back for $350 (ouch, that still makes my butt hurt). It was taken when my car was stolen 7/31/05 (ouch,again).

When I rebuilt everything last year, I got the brackets and pump from OPGI or NPD (can't remember which). It was considerably cheaper. The remote reservoir was found on eBay for $10. The SBC hose will work if necessary. I found that the repro bracket was not a perfect fit and have read similar posts about repro brackets offered by other suppliers. Expect some finagling. Be sure to use proper hose for the reservoir, p/s fluid will make short work of heater hose, unless using Gates green silicone heater hose.

FWIW, I have a 7127 internal regulator style alt (was a 1 wire 135 amp, but now uses the 2 wire int reg) and because of the case design, was forced to mount way out over the valve cover. It developed problems throwing alternator belts. Since I was already using pulleys for a/c (2 groove top, 3 groove bottom), I made an approx 1" aluminum spacer for the lower alt bracket (matches bracket back, not washers), allowing the alt to run off the middle lower and forward upper grooves. The upper bracket mounts to the rear of the alt ear, rather than in front of it. This permitted the alt to ever so slightly dip in front of the drivers side valve cover, therefore, shortening the necessary length of the belt. Haven't tossed a belt since.

Just thought I'd share that with you, as others are surely experiencing the same thing.

Dec 20th, 06, 8:28 PM
I bought my powrt steering pump from Autozone there are more than one type. I paid the core charge because I didn't have an exchang still very reasonable. I bought the mounting bracket from Zoops, also paid the price for a real nice stree rod type remote reservoir. It's not an inexpensive modification but worth it.

Now my Alternator & AC brackets match because the old PS pump is not in the way.

Dec 20th, 06, 11:36 PM
I know you said short pump, but here's my two cents. When I put a 454 in my 65, I used everything for a 70 Chevelle. Long water pump ,power steering pump and brackets. The brackets are still available from GM, cheap.

Dec 22nd, 06, 2:10 PM
I know you said short pump, but here's my two cents. When I put a 454 in my 65, I used everything for a 70 Chevelle. Long water pump ,power steering pump and brackets. The brackets are still available from GM, cheap.

True, but not compatible with a lot of big dual electric fan/shroud set-ups. One advantage though, a considerably shorter alt belt, allbeit, on the passenger side.