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: Ground Strap Locations

Aug 30th, 04, 10:07 AM
I have a 68 El Camino . Does anyone know the original (correct) location for those ground straps,and how many there are ??? I think there are 3 ground straps. One from back of motor to the firewall, one from motor to the frame, and where is the third one go ? Maybe from the firewall to the frame ? Does anyone happen to have a pic. or diagram of these correct locations? Maybe in an assembly manual ? Thats something I havent bought yet that I need. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks,Mark

pop d top
Aug 31st, 04, 2:50 AM
I'm looking at my '69 CAMARO assembly manual. GM wasn't in the habit of reinventing the wheel, so it's likely what I'll try to describe transfers to the '68 chevelle/el Camino also.

On page 440 under "U63 Radio-Ground Straps (V-8 engine to body)" it shows 2 braided ground straps. Both are connected to the fire wall via sheet metal screws into what appears to be existing holes on both the driver's and passenger's side. On the drivers side it connects to the engine via the rear/outside valve cover bolt sandwiched between the valve cover and the spark plug wire retainer. On the passenger side it's on the rear/inside valve cover bolt sandwiched between the spark plug wire retainer and the valve cover. Hope this makes sense and helps you out.


Aug 31st, 04, 8:21 AM
Is your car an FM radio? On my 70 Elky SS 396, I have 3. According to the assembly manual for a 70 Elky, there are the two previously mentioned ground straps that go from the valve cover to the firewall. There is also a shorter one that goes from the frame to the body mount area on the right side by where the fuel lines go into the frame. On mine, even though my ground straps appeared to never be in stalled, I found holes predrilled from the factory in the square box that came down by the inner fender and bolted the area of the firewall up to the frame.

Aug 31st, 04, 9:40 AM
Thanks Guys, That info. does help me out. I appreciate the replys. Thanks Again, Mark

Aug 31st, 04, 1:42 PM
I have a 68 and I have One ground strap from the front of the passenger side inner fender to the frame, one on the the passenger side from the firewall to the rear valve cover bolt (intake side) and one on the driver's side from the firwall to the upper bell housing bolt. This is how it was when I took it apart. If you need pics let me know.

My car is a custom, AM radio, 307(not any more) and 3 speed tranny.

Sep 1st, 04, 11:29 AM
Thanks TPS for that information. I appreciate it. My car is a custom also, AM radio, 327, w/turbo 350 trans.