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: YENKO NOVA found, what's it worth?

Jul 26th, 04, 1:00 AM
A friend of mine located a YENKO duece, 1970 4speed all original, been in a chicken coupe for many many years. The car is owned by the original owner's widow and will go for sale as she is selling her home. The underside may be toast from sitting but all in all completely original. Does anyone have an approximate value for this car? I may buy it if the price is right. Red exterior, black interior, 350, 4speed. Bob

Jul 26th, 04, 9:56 AM
there is one on ebay fully restored for 62k reserve not met.

Jul 26th, 04, 10:24 AM
what do you have to pay for this car?

Bill Pritchard
Jul 26th, 04, 11:41 AM
Nice clean drivers are going in the $40K - $50K range; top show cars (like the Orange one currently on eBay) are probably worth $80K. Get the VIN and go to the Yenko website
to make sure it's on the list. If it's real and you don't want it, I would definitely be interested!!!

Jul 26th, 04, 2:01 PM
My GOD! That Deuce on Ebay has paper work out of the wazoo! NOW THAT is the way to buy one of the Supercars. As suggested earlier, the Deuce Vins are out, (as are the Camaro, Chevelle, I think). Get on the Yenko site and take a look at the vin numbers. IF its on there, you are more than likely looking at the real deal. If you have any other questions, a guy name Marlin posts over at Stevesnovasite, as well as the Yenko site. He is pretty much a Deuce authority. Its really tough to say value wise on this car.

HOWEVER, If I was you, I would NOT divulge any more information about this thing than is necessary if you find out that its for real and want a chance at buying it. With these cars, people have been known to waltz right in and buy it right out from under you- mainly because they have the big bucks. Keep us posted here, but not with the sort of information that could cost yourself ownership of the car. Good Luck! That would be awesome if you got it!!

Jul 26th, 04, 10:12 PM
Sounds like a great find. The one on Ebay is now well over $100K but is probably the nicest one there is. I agree with Buzz 100%. DO NOT give out any info on the location of the car if you are serious about buying it. You will probably get several emails asking you about it. The fisrt thing you need to do is get the VIN and check to make sure it is a real Deuce. Here is a link to the VIN numbers.

Jul 26th, 04, 10:20 PM
Nice car on that Ebay link, but not that it matters, but I remember watching DREAM CAR GARAGE, and the host showcased the Nova. Wasn't the Red Nova's the most rare? I could be mistaken, it has been awhile since I seen the show.
I agree with the previous post, if it's a real Yenko Nova, I would definately keep it to myself (if I could afford it), until you get the confirmation it's "real". If not, is it worth restoring, or can you make a nice driver out of it regardless?

Jul 26th, 04, 10:42 PM
Originally posted by chevelledude71:
Nice car on that Ebay link, but not that it matters, but I remember watching DREAM CAR GARAGE, and the host showcased the Nova. Wasn't the Red Nova's the most rare? I could be mistaken, it has been awhile since I seen the show.
I agree with the previous post, if it's a real Yenko Nova, I would definately keep it to myself (if I could afford it), until you get the confirmation it's "real". If not, is it worth restoring, or can you make a nice driver out of it regardless? Actually, I THINK that the red '69 427 Yenko Nova was the rare one. There are a few Deuces (Deuce ONLY in 1970- the 1969 427 Yenko Nova was just that. It wasnt a Deuce. It was a Beast tongue.gif ) that are red.

IF that VIN matches one of the ones on that list ( which is pretty comprehensive from years of research from what Ive read), then chock one up for us common folk smile.gif and BUY IT! THEN go ahead and brag about it with pics and stories. Keep in mind that if that VIN is still within the range, but not on that list, it still may be a Deuce. I THINK that the list is only of known cars from poring over paperwork, but maybe Im wrong. There always seems to be a few floating under the radar.

As always, and REALLY with these usually super high dollar cars, money talks and bull***t walks. Thats why I suggested to be REAL vague about questions and stuff if posting elsewhere about it. Good Luck! I Hope you get it and post some pics! graemlins/beers.gif

Bill Pritchard
Jul 26th, 04, 11:22 PM
Originally posted by Bill Pritchard:
top show cars (like the Orange one currently on eBay) are probably worth $80K. Uhhhhhh....can I make a revision to that guesstimate? :eek: :eek:

Jul 26th, 04, 11:41 PM
US $109,960.00
(Reserve met)

Jul 26th, 04, 11:54 PM
baddbob71: you've got mail!

Jul 27th, 04, 5:23 PM
Not that I know a lot about these, but I've read enough to know that they're super cool and I want one!

I'm hoping bob has found the real deal and gets to bring it home! graemlins/thumbsup.gif

Jul 27th, 04, 7:28 PM
Man, I could have bought one in the early 80's for like $2500!!. The guy also had a 70 396 chevelle gold/black stripes, that he had just hung 2 new quarters on, still in primer. He wanted $1900!! I bought a cowl induction hood and a rear SS bumper off him, I was turning my malibu into a clone. I wish I had had the money back then!!

Jul 27th, 04, 11:52 PM
Well as of today I talked with my friend on the car and I have first chance for purchase, The car is being bought for believe it or not $2000. It has been in a chicken barn since 1978 and has the bicentenial plate still attached. It is covered with numerous items that have been accumulating in the barn over the years and only portions are visable. The hood has not been opened yet. The interior is visable through one of the door windows and the bucket seats have the yenko lettering on the backs. It is a four speed car and my friend said it also has the counsole and gauges. It is an orangy red as described to me. It is located almost a day's travel from me and my friend said he will obtain ownership of the car within two weeks. The original purchaser's widow does have the title to the car. My friend had no idea what this car could possibly be worth and originally had considered it for parts. I did inform him of the potential value and also of my interest in the car, we'll see what happens. We may end up restoring this for resale as partners. The widow is 88 years old placing her at the age of 60 when it was parked so I highly doubt her husband would have made a clone in 1978. She told my friend that the car was fast but was parked because of poor fuel mileage. The barn has doors on both ends with no windows so I bet this thing rarely got a glimps of sunlight in the last 28years. I should have photos of it in about two weeks if all goes well and I will post them here. My friend now knows the potential value of this car, we'll see if he still includes me in the deal. I will post info on this car as recieved.

Jul 28th, 04, 12:17 AM
Originally posted by baddbob71:
The car is being bought for believe it or not $2000. That is unreal. At that price, that is almost laughable...For that price, its almost ridiculous to restore it solely for resale, because its already worth thousands more than you are going to pay for it; that is of course, IMHO. Its not like you were paying 20K for it, and looking to break even with it. I wish one day I could find one of these cars. Id buy it, keep it, restore it, and proceed to run the hell out of it.

Jul 28th, 04, 7:44 AM
Wow,..... this is amazing. Congrats, and am looking forward to seeing some pix, especially still in the barn covered with 20+ years of dust. That will make a Kool car!!!
Peter graemlins/thumbsup.gif

Jul 28th, 04, 10:50 AM
Yes, I told my friend to start taking photos while the car is still in the barn to document how it has been stored for the past 28 years. I hope everything goes well and I'm included in the future of this car. I will provide VIN and all information and photos after the transaction from the current/original owner is completed.

Jul 28th, 04, 2:09 PM
Id buy it, keep it, restore it, and proceed to run the hell out of it.I like your style, Buzz! Just remember this simple phrase: Pure Stock is the way to Rock! graemlins/thumbsup.gif

Keep me updated, Bob, and good luck! graemlins/beers.gif

Jul 28th, 04, 3:29 PM
Damn, I thought you were going to be the sole owner of that beast. Oh well, at least you have one, or what appears to be one. Good luck with it regardless. Post the pix as soon as you get a chance, post them here and in BENCH RACING, you will get alot of responses over there as well.

Jul 28th, 04, 4:49 PM
Just some FYI, and a word of advice.

In your recent description of the car, you mentioned the hood - try to see if there is a hood tach, or at least 3 holes from where there was a hood tach (1 large hole 1" diameter, and a small hole on either side for locating pins).

All 175 Yenko Deuce Novas had black standard interiors, rubber mat floor covering, and bench seats - no buckets, so no consoles/guages. Try to get a look at the speedo in the dash, console/guage Novas had a tach dash. If this car has a console/guage package, but no tach dash - then the console/guage was added which would be a good sign. If there is a tach dash, that could be added too, so check the underdash heater box, real console cars get a special box under there which is rarely swapped out when adding a console - if it has the non-console box, that's a good sign. Also, no Yenko Deuce Novas had any Yenko lettering on the seats. It may have been added later by an owner though.

The Yenko Deuce Novas had Hurst Competition Plus shifters installed at GM, the only Nova to come so equipped. This shifter is very unique, has a sharp bend towards the seat, and will be round stock - not flat stock. It could have been changed at some point, but try to get a look.

Yenko Deuce Novas came in both Orange (10 produced, 7 found) and Red (35 produced, 17 found). So, either color is possible, however red is more likely because there are more unfound red cars. (If you name the state where this chicken coop is, I will be able to eliminate or include orange as a possibility).

As for the possibility of a clone in '78, it is indeed possible. Yenko SportsCars sold the stripe kits for both '69 and '70 versions in their parts catalog, including all of the Yenko installed items like tachs, wheels, emblems, steering wheels, sport mirrors, hood scoops, etc... Not likely that somebody would clone one in the '70's, but possible.

The most important piece of information that you need to obtain, even before you or your friend make a drive, is to obtain the information from the trim tag. The trim tag information is more important than the vin number. I can tell you almost anything you will want to know from one # off of that trim tag. So, try to get the owner, friend, somebody, to get that info before you spend a lot of time attempting to acquire the car.

Best of luck! More than one Yenko Deuce Nova has been found wasting away!

Jul 28th, 04, 6:09 PM
BTW Bob,
I see you are in Michigan, assuming this chicken coop deuce is also in Michigan, then you should know that I show a Cranberry Red, 4speed, no power steering Yenko Deuce Nova originally sold from Harry May Chev. in Monroe, MI as unfound.

Check the Yenko site for full information:


Bill Pritchard
Jul 29th, 04, 10:24 AM
Hi Marlin,

Nice to see you checking in at Team Chevelle. Your extensive knowledge on the Yenko Deuces is certainly welcome here graemlins/waving.gif

It will be great if this indeed turns out to be one of the as-yet-undiscovered Deuces graemlins/hurray.gif

Jul 29th, 04, 11:00 AM
That would be excellent news if this car is indeed the real deal!

The # of Yenko Deuces found is at 84, 2 new deuces just found within the last 2 months - both owned since '72.

Keep digging Bob, get some pics or info. They are still out there to be found.

Jul 29th, 04, 6:42 PM
For $2k, spend it and take the chance whether it's real or not!

Jul 30th, 04, 12:10 PM
Man thats makes me feel sick to my stomach reading that he was thinking about using it for a parts car! :( Im sure that has happened in the past. That is so cool that you found a Yenko, I bet you can sell it right now as a complete pile of junk for like $20,000 or some rediculous amount of money. I personally should not ever be allowed to own a Yenko because I like custom, modifying things is my favorite. But I can really respect a bone stock high performance rare machine like that. Im one of those people that thinks building a car and not driving it is ridiculous, but I just couldnt put to many miles on a Yenko. It's a piece of car guy history hehe. Don't forget to take like 10 rolls of pictures before its disturbed, those are the ones people will enjoy seeing forever. :D It's kinda like when an archeaologist discover's some ancient pharos tomb full of diamonds and jewelry hehe.

Jul 31st, 04, 4:39 PM
Originally posted by Bacchus:
For $2k, spend it and take the chance whether it's real or not! I was thinking the same thing. For 2K, if it turns out to be a clone sYc, make a nice car out of it anyway.

Aug 2nd, 04, 5:33 PM
Hicksville, Long Island, NY?

Ever heard of Robert Chev. in Hicksville? Sold 3 Deuces, 1 found.

Aug 3rd, 04, 2:00 PM
Boy this thread got quiet fast! Guess I ruined the party graemlins/clonk.gif

Aug 3rd, 04, 9:58 PM
helps build the suspense smile.gif

Aug 4th, 04, 5:11 AM
I don't think it's you Marlin...your knowledge of the deuces is most welcome! graemlins/thumbsup.gif
I think we're all just waiting for the pics :D

Aug 4th, 04, 1:49 PM
I'll keep posting niblets to keep the thread active, but I'm also anxiously awaiting pics and/or #'s!

Aug 4th, 04, 4:51 PM
Sounds like a good find to me

I can't even find a stored SS down here in OK for a reasonable price. Found a 70 SS 396 but it has huge chunks rusted out of thelower fenders, on the frame, through the floors, even the front edge of the hood

Car was housing a pontiac 400 and didn't seem to be salvageable so I've used it for parts. The guy I got it from had a son-in-law park it in his field in 86, the guy never came and got it and he can no longer get a hold of him since his daughter divorced the guy and he wanted it gone so he sold it to me for $250 instead of sending it to the crusher.

I pulled the interior which included a mint console, dash, bucket seats, kick panels, seat belts, and rear door panels

Funny thing is the car has a cruise/ tilt column, if it's not factory it is a perfect match anyway.

Maybe when I when the lottery the remnants will be placed on a new frame, enough body work to hid the holes, and use it for a race car...I pulled the 12bolt but we have a ford 9 in that would suit it...

Aug 4th, 04, 5:40 PM
Originally posted by YENKO DEUCE REGISTRY:
Hicksville, Long Island, NY?

Ever heard of Robert Chev. in Hicksville? Sold 3 Deuces, 1 found. Yup! Less than a block away. That is amazing. Is the one found still located on LI?
Would like to find one for myself,

Aug 4th, 04, 7:13 PM
"YENKO NOVA found, what's it worth?" :confused: how dare you. :rolleyes:

Aug 4th, 04, 10:54 PM
Good grief... if that turns out to be legit... a Yenko Duece for 2k! Thats a frickin car guys wet dream. I hope he gets some pictures of where it sits when it was found.

Aug 5th, 04, 6:32 PM
The sole Robert Chev. Yenko Deuce is no longer in Long Island, but rather Rochester, NY. This poor deuce was all over the country before being brought back to NY about 5+ years ago. The other two from Robert Chev.?? Never heard a peep, although one might be an orange one that was found in PA about a year ago, walled into somebody's barn!

Pine Grove? Klingers Auto Parts graemlins/hurray.gif

Would you believe that a Fathom Blue Yenko Deuce used to roam the streets of Tremont back in the very early '70's?

Aug 5th, 04, 9:34 PM
Really? That makes me think... See, I'm a youngster here, I wasn't IN the early '70s...

PLEASE NOTE! Do not bother reading on unless you like long drawn out stories and explanations.

My dad had a real good friend who died in the late '70's. This guy and my dad were both major motorheads of the early to mid '70s, my dad told me many a story about his buddies alleged '70 Yenko duece. I even have several pictures of it. The thing is I can't really say for sure is if it actually was one, what I can tell you is that it had a 350 LT1, bench seat, M21, and I can't remember what he said was the rear gear. My dad did alot of the mechanical work on it for his friend and knew the car pretty well. I can't say for sure if it was the genuine article, because the car didn't have any markings that I can see in any of the picures I have, and my dad doesn't remember of any. It was a dark blue but it had a custom paint design on the hood and deck lid, no hood tach and in the pictures I don't see anthing standing out on the headrests. I always wondered what had happened to the car and if it actually was a Yenko. About seven years ago another old friend of my fathers was talking with him and they got onto the subject of this Yenko Duece, and the guy said he knew who had it, it was now missing the engine, but it was suppsed to have been confirmed to be the real deal. It was supposed to be for sale at that point but it was a real bad time in my life to be looking at cars, so I forgot about it for a couple of years. When I got the ambition to look back into it I called the guy who told us about it and he said that it was sold long already, so I lost my chance to see it.

I know this has been alot of hear-say and speculation, and seems kind of silly, but my dad and the guy with the Nova spent some time roaming the streets of Pine Grove area back then, and when you said about Tremont and a blue Yenko, that sent off sirens in my head.

I'm done know graemlins/boring.gif

Aug 5th, 04, 11:57 PM
I haven't heard anything yet. I will post copies of the photos when I get them after ownership transfers. Bob

Aug 6th, 04, 1:58 AM
Deuces don't have any markings on the headrests...
They have a large "Yenko Deuce" on the door panels..
They were all bench seat, rubber floor mats, Standard interior.

Aug 6th, 04, 11:00 AM
Bob, be careful, check out the numbers before you exchange funds!

Zman, see post above.

Pine Grove! I was only 2 in '70, so I'm going on hearsay as well - plus a phone conversation. See, I stopped in at a little garage between Tremont and Donaldson about 7 years ago, and showed some guys some pics of this wreck I just bought. One guy says call "Jim", and hands me the phone - he actually owned a blue deuce in the early '70's.

Is the Tremont Deuce the same car that your Dad worked on? I don't know, but could probably figure it out with some info or some pics.

See, there's this second Fathom Blue Deuce, 4speed (all were M21's), that was last titled in Collegeville, PA - originally sold out of Marshall Chev. in Reading, PA. This car was in Hemmings several years ago, and was sold. It did not have it's original engine or trans at that time, and no longer had the Yenko stripes. The seller lived in Harrisburg, but was not the same name on the title - he never transferred it. There were two names on the title, I'll have to relook at my records.

The Fathom Blue Tremont Deuce was also a 4speed, but had power steering. This car had the stripes removed before arriving in Tremont, and also had been through a few engines before '71 or '72. This car was sold new at Ammon R. Smith Motor Company in York, PA. The owner in Tremont traded the car in at Mushanel Chev in Lebonan, PA. The next owner (last titled owner in PA) owned the car for 3 months, and his wife insisted that he get rid of it = too fast. 'Rick' claims the car had a serious rebuild, aluminum heads (?), and 4.88 gears running 12.40's with open headers and slicks. So, Musheno ends up with the car again, and immediately takes it to Manheim Auto Auction where it sells the next day to Suburban Chev in Baltimore, MD.

Suburban Chev. sells this Deuce 2.5 months later to 'Bernie' who enjoys the car for 1 year 2.5 months, then trades it back in at Suburban Chev. Long story short, this Chev dealer owned the deuce 4 times before the trail goes cold. The last titled owner in MD has passed away, and his brother recalls that he traded the deuce for a van in '79 or '80.

So, I need you to pull out your old pics and tell me if there is anything peculiar about the quarter panels, somewhere around the rear marker lights ;)

Aug 6th, 04, 12:09 PM
Wow, this is all very interesting. See, I'm not from Pine Grove, I'm from Lebanon County, and thats where my dad and his friend grew up. The one that was last sold in Harrisburg makes we wonder...

My dads buddies car was run pretty hard, most of the time he would run slicks on it on the street (the pics I have show the slicks on it), and this eventually led to a fragmented rear. They got another complete rear for it (I don't know why they didn't just fix the one in the car) and my dad ended up with the cars original rear. Unfortunately he sold that some years down the line, which he regrets. When the guy died his brothers got the car and I hear they really beat it before finally selling it.

I would be glad to share the pics I have of the car, it would be absolutely awesome if somehow I would be able to find the current owner and share some of the info I have about it. My dad would get a real charge out of it as well.


Aug 6th, 04, 1:14 PM
Well, the Blue Marshall Deuce may have spent some time in Lebanon County before making it's way to Collegeville, PA. The Ammon R. Smith Deuce definitely spent some time in Lebanon County before going to MD. There were 35 Blue Deuces, so it may not have been either of these two!

Can you see anything funny lookin around the marker lights?

Aug 6th, 04, 2:46 PM
Originally posted by YENKO DEUCE REGISTRY:
The sole Robert Chev. Yenko Deuce is no longer in Long Island, but rather Rochester, NY. Rochester is my neck of the woods. Does this deuce mention in Rochester ever make it out around town?

Aug 6th, 04, 2:50 PM
I don't have access to the pics right now. I will look over them tonight. I don't recall any hints anywhere of it being a Yenko, and so I always was skeptical. But I'll check out the quarters and get back to you.

Aug 6th, 04, 3:10 PM
I have not seen the Deuce in Rochester yet, I know it's 99% completed but not sure if it's out driving around yet. The owner works long hours in the summer in the construction industry, creating time constraints for Yenko enjoyment! But hey, there's 3 more in Syracuse smile.gif

Check out the pics of that blue deuce, and let us know - you chevelle guys are a bunch of 'closet nova guys' afterall graemlins/thumbsup.gif

Aug 6th, 04, 4:15 PM
Well... to be honest my first love in cars was with Novas, my dad got me a Nova to tinker with when I was 13 (my first car), and I was always facinated with this guys alleged Yenko. I never seen it personally, but the pictures are etched into my memory from constant envious reviewing. I wasn't really much of a chevelle nut untill a couple of years ago, but I'll have another Nova again someday.

Aug 6th, 04, 4:22 PM
Naw, I'm definately a Chevelle guy, novas are cool but I find em a lil too boxy and pointed around edges and body lines...not a very good descript but whatever

I'm anxious to know what's going on with the chicken coupe (dodges flying objects for bad pun)

Aug 6th, 04, 10:13 PM

Your name and location have me curious. You from Upper Merion? Thanks. Ted

Aug 6th, 04, 10:36 PM
Upon reviewing my pics, nothing jumps out at me as being out of the ordinary on the quarters. I have a fairly good pic of the drivers side, well as good as a 28 year old picure could be that is. I'd post them but I am having trouble logging onto my FTP.

Not forgeting about the original post, I'm looking forward to seeing some of the pics of the newly uncovered duece. Man what a find!

Aug 7th, 04, 9:55 AM
Originally posted by YENKO DEUCE REGISTRY:
you chevelle guys are a bunch of 'closet nova guys' afterall graemlins/thumbsup.gif
M I resemble that remark ;) . Chevelles I can fit in better, so that is why I LOVE them and only like Nova's tongue.gif :D

Aug 9th, 04, 9:04 AM
Novas rock, had four of them in my earlier years. Nothing new on the Duece yet, my contact person is still out of town and I haven't heard from him yet. Hopefully I'll have some pics soon. Interesting about the seats in that only bench seats were offered, maybe it isn't a real Duece. Well hopefully he comes through with the car soon. Bob

Aug 9th, 04, 10:44 AM
Don't let the seats fool you, several real deuces have had buckets installed - none with the full console with gauges, but there's always a first. The main goal is to get the trim tag data ;)

The unique thing about the blue deuce was that several owners all remember that it had a small 'snoopy' painted or stuck on the rear quarters. Each owner remembered it without instigation, so that is when I knew it was the same car. Unfortunately, it went to MD, and is cold. Maryland does excellent title searches, so if it was still titled down there, we'd know it :( Take a look at the pics, is there a 'NOVA' emblem on the trunk lid?

I'm in Douglassville - right up 422 from KofP!

Aug 9th, 04, 11:14 PM
Yea, it's got the Nova emblem on the trunk lid. I talked to my dad some more on the car. He said his buddy bought it in a Lebanon Chevrolet dealership, he thinks the name was Williams Chevrolet. He said the dealer sold it to him claiming it was a Yenko, although that doesn't really mean anything. The drivetrain sounds 'Yenko' but it seems thats where it ends. I tried to pick for some more of the finer details but he just can't remember anymore. If only I knew the VIN :(

So, the beige duece that I marveled at from is yours, huh? (I was browsing around when I seen the picture of it sinking in that field) Has it been finished? :confused: Man what a find, some guys have all the luck ;)

Aug 10th, 04, 9:44 AM
Hmmmm.... That NOVA emblem on the deck lid doesn't sound good, most of the Yenko Deuces had that emblem removed and a YENKO crest emblem installed in it's place. In the event that the YENKO crest emblem was stolen (common) the dealer generally put their dealer emblem or sticker over the holes rather than purchase & reinstall the NOVA emblem.

That is my beige Yenko in the field! I fully restored it over the course of 6 years, and now show, cruise and race it = 3x the fun!

Aug 10th, 04, 10:01 AM
Wow Marlins here.. :cool:
You found out Chevelle spelled backward is NOVA.

Aug 10th, 04, 4:14 PM
Imagine that! Me, on a Chevelle site! Well, not impossible, I've been hunting a Butternut Yellow Yenko Chevelle that was dumped in the woods around here - possibly the SSDI test car!

Aug 11th, 04, 3:53 PM
I love butternut yellow '69s! smile.gif

BTW.... I am not too far from some of you guys. I am a Pittsburgh native who just moved to central PA (Mechanicsburg) last year. I work in Chambersburg, and my fiancee works in Lebanon.

Aug 11th, 04, 4:48 PM
Id sure like to see some pics of this chicken COOP COPO (Yenko tongue.gif ).

One of the neat things about Marlins car that I have gathered from posting elsewhere is that he drag races it (and not easy, either)- WITH THE ORIGINAL ENGINE! That is so awesome- to use those cars like they were meant to be used.

I for one am looking forward to seeing how this chicken coop machine turns out.

Aug 11th, 04, 6:03 PM
I'm still working some gremlins out of it, but got some good advice from a Kansas City guy while racing at Englishtown, NJ a few weeks ago.

I have this grudge match setup with another deuce owner during the SuperCar Reunion Show/Race on Labor Day weekend - I don't care how slow I am, as long as I beat him to the finish line :D

I'm dieing for some pics as well, this is killing me!!

Aug 11th, 04, 7:27 PM that "COPO" post too many time graemlins/clonk.gif

either way I'm ready to hear something about it...

Aug 11th, 04, 7:31 PM
Originally posted by Buzzbomb:
Id sure like to see some pics of this chicken COOP COPO (Yenko tongue.gif ). disregard my last post i thought he was correcting me but i never called it a COPO, or at least not on this page? my head sucks

Aug 12th, 04, 9:24 PM
Originally posted by YENKO DEUCE REGISTRY:
I'm still working some gremlins out of it, but got some good advice from a Kansas City guy while racing at Englishtown, NJ a few weeks ago.

I have this grudge match setup with another deuce owner during the SuperCar Reunion Show/Race on Labor Day weekend - I don't care how slow I am, as long as I beat him to the finish line :D

I'm dieing for some pics as well, this is killing me!!
M Marlin,

If you want some additional GREAT advice on how to make your car better in the 1/4, then right here at Team Chevelle is a MOUNTAIN of information and some people that are really running some bruiser cars. Check out Chevelle Tech and Performance, and you'll see what I mean. Other boards are pretty good too, but I have yet to see a board with such a HUGE amount of information coming from people who can back up what they say. Yes, its a Chevelle site here, but there are quite a few people here with maybe a Chevelle and a Nova, Camaro, or Nova, whatever. Good people, and a great board.

Is there anybody who sells videos of those shootouts/races? After seeing the Dream Car special, I am jonesing for more of the same!! ID like to see Yenko vs. COPO vs. MOTION !

Aug 12th, 04, 10:41 PM
I know this is a bit off subject, but I have a question I'd like to ask. I would like to track down a car that my father owned about 20 years ago. I know the VIN, now in Pennsylvania is there any way to do some kind of title search? From the sound of things in your previous posts, it seems you have experience in this area. Any advise?


Aug 12th, 04, 10:57 PM

Try the Pure Stock forum:

There's guys over there with several years of the Pure Stock races on video, as well as some of the Stock Appearing stuff.

Aug 12th, 04, 11:11 PM
Buzz, you busy Labor Day weekend? If you want to see all the cars you listed racing at the same venue, you need to go to the SUPERCAR REUNION in Illinios. Check out the website.

Aug 12th, 04, 11:56 PM
Thanks for the link, Chevy454! Looks like I need to do some searching at that Buick forum for those videos. Ive already watched that DCG Muscle car shootout twice! Come to think of it, I think I MIGHT have YOU on video flogging your Camaro against that Studebaker :D

And as for the Supercar reunion, jfkheat, Id LOVE to be able to make it one of these days. The true SUper Cars I saw at Barret Jackson were just awesome (most cars there were nice). Those COPO Chevelles were really NICE, and the Burnished Brown '69 COPO Camaro was so great. Easily one of my favorite cars of the whole auction. I hope they put lots of pics up on from this years reunion ;)

Any pics of this chicken coop car yet??! Sheesh :rolleyes: ;)

Aug 13th, 04, 2:00 PM
Come to think of it, I think I MIGHT have YOU on video flogging your Camaro against that Studebaker
Yep, that would be yours truly! That was some action from myannual pilgrimage to the Pure Stock Drags.

Aug 13th, 04, 2:54 PM
I have done a lot of title searches over the last 8+ years, my first one was in KY to find out who had my Yenko in a field! KY was very easy, I called the court house, and gave the license plate of the KY plate that was still on the car - they gave me his name and addy right over the phone but not his phone number! So, 2 minutes later I was talking to him!

However, most states are not that easy, for several reasons. The main issue now is the Privacy Act of '96, (luckily, I ran my Yenko in IN a month before it kicked in). The privacy act is a law that creates restrictions upon what/who can obtain info from the state DMV. Each state has it's own form which are now downloadable from their websites, and each state has a predetermined list of reasons for requesting the info, and a fee. Some states (like PA) require the form to be notorized.

The method to continue obtaining relevant info via a DMV title search is to always choose the option called 'Research Purposes'. It sounds vague, and it is, but it will give you a little info about whether or not the car in question is/was registered in that state. The DMV will use a magic marker on any owner specific info, but it's better than nothing.

Each state has it's own records retention policy, so if it's an old car the chances of receiving info diminish. Some states are much better than others however, and keep everything - forever. For example, Maryland is a very good state, they keep everything. Virginia on the other hand is extremely difficult if not impossible, even if you are a State Trooper. PA is ok, Iowa is great, IN is so/so, GA & AL are tough since they didn't require titles until '86!

So, give it a shot, and see what you get - it's worth the $5.00 smile.gif

Aug 13th, 04, 2:56 PM
Oh, and for racing: attend The SuperCar Reunion and be in the video - bring a car and race graemlins/thumbsup.gif

Aug 13th, 04, 3:46 PM
Marlin, I have to ask:

Being from PA, how did you hear about a Yenko Deuce sitting in a field all the way in IN? Did the owner have any clue what he had, or was it just old junk to him?

Aug 13th, 04, 4:42 PM
I wish I had the 'ultimate success' story, but I don't :(

A friend of mine knew I wanted a Yenko Deuce someday, and saw an ad for one in the Auto Trader which is national. I called the number, it was a musclecar dealer, but it was sold. I told him that was ok, since that car did not have orig. drivetrain - and that was my #1 priority. We got to talking, and he says he has one more, original drivetrain, paperwork, etc... Now I'm interested!

What happened is that noted collector Cliff Ernst in Nashville, TN had purchased the deuce from the field about 10 years earlier, and had it in storage. Cliff was thinning the herd, and this local dealer was helping with the effort.

So, although I never saw a real deuce in my life, and had not even seen pics of this car, I agreed to buy it over the phone, and sent a 10% deposit. Three days later, I drove all night to Nashville, and almost fell over when I saw how bad the car looked. Within 20 minutes I had recovered - somewhat, and paid the remainder, tried to sleep a little, but was back on the road to PA following him with my new purchase on the trailer. So, that's how it went from IN to KY to TN to PA.

At the time I lived in an apartment, with nowhere else to put the POS, but that's another story.... :D


Aug 14th, 04, 12:57 PM
Originally posted by Buzzbomb:
Yenko vs. COPO vs. MOTION ! Ahhh...Baldwin Motion Chevrolet. A few towns over. The dealership/shop is now a gas station if I remember correctly.

BTW, what does a Yenko Duece do in a quarter? High to mid 12's?


Aug 14th, 04, 9:35 PM
Buzzbomb: shoot me an email...

Aug 15th, 04, 2:34 AM
Originally posted by Chevy454:
Buzzbomb: shoot me an email... OK!

Aug 16th, 04, 3:50 PM
Good story, Marlin. Thanks for sharing. Did you learn anything about how it ended up parked in a field? Was the engine completely in tact and installed?

I always find the history of these old cars facinating. Every one has a story.

Aug 17th, 04, 12:03 PM
I'm short on time this morning, so I'll attach a link - and will add more verbage when I can!

Aug 18th, 04, 10:06 AM
I really do like that color on a car,as well as it being a Nova Deuce.I look forward to seeing you Race it September 3-4 at the SuperCar Reunion in Collinsville Ill. graemlins/thumbsup.gif

Aug 18th, 04, 3:43 PM
Thanks to all the posters on this one. I'd forgotten how much I liked my old Nova, and how fascinated I've been with the special production cars since reading an article about Motion Camaros in high school.

I visited and had a blast looking at the pics and reading some of the stories.

By the way, at Ball State University they had a literal library of all the old issues of Hot Rod magazine going waaay back. I read a road test of a 427 Nova that was either a Motion or Yenko car. I can't recall which. Does anyone know what became of that car? I think I had heard much later that it was the only one ever made.

Aug 18th, 04, 5:09 PM
Any updates yet?

I went to Ball State! Graduated in '93.

Marlin, what's the story on the Yenko quarters hanging on the wall? Did you put new full quarters on, and those are the original? Talk about wall art!! graemlins/thumbsup.gif

Aug 18th, 04, 7:05 PM
Yea, those are 'wall art' as I did indeed replace the full quarter - all the way up into the lead line. The rear windshield channel was gone, so I needed the flange from the 1/4's, otherwise you could weld them in at the bottom of the sail panel and save the extra work of the drip rail spotwelds, etc... I saved them because they look cool, I also have the original decklid and taillight panel. I plan to arrange them on the wall of my garage at home - if I ever get finished sheetrocking/painting it!

I would love to spend a day or two going through a good library in Indianapolis!! That can be the best place for old newspaper ad's listing supercars etc... I know that Nankivell was a major performance dealer out there till the mid '70's when Huebler bought them. So, there must be something in the local newspapers, but it's pretty far away. I just joined the Indiana chapter of the National Nostalgic Nova club, I hope to meet more folks in IN who might remember Nankivell Chev.

The old mag has an article of a Motion Nova with hood tach, side pipes, etc.. but no Motion Stripes like the Camaros had. There were at least 4 Motion Novas produced, 3 are found but that mag car is not hence the unqualified figure of '4'. That mag car is rumoured to have gone to Puerto Rico, but that is unsubstantiated at this time.

I'm going crazy, and about to go looking in every chicken coop I can find graemlins/clonk.gif

Aug 18th, 04, 8:49 PM
Geez, who is selling this car? The Mafia? How long does it take to buy and sell a used car in Michigan- especially for $2000?! Once its yours its yours. The money goes from one hand to the other, as does the bill of sale stating you are the owner. It takes less time to do all the stuff for a brand new car :eek: .

I hate to be skeptical, but :confused:

Aug 19th, 04, 7:30 AM
M, I remember Nankivell very well. I vividly remember drooling over the Yenkos on display there. They also always had their share of L-78 cars on the lot too. One of the best memories is of the two ZL-1 Camaros sitting on the showromm floor in '69. One Fathom Green, One Hugger Orange. They were there a long time, couldn't sell them. I remember there was an ad in the Indpls Star at one point, after they had been there a few months, where they were heavily discounting the ZL-1's, trying to unload them. That paper would be a find. Maybe I'll try to find it in a library one of these days. BTW the building now houses Hubler Dodge. Hubler Chevy built a new place a few miles south about 20 years ago.

Aug 19th, 04, 6:51 PM
My original owner recalled the Fathom Green '69 Camaro ZL1 sitting on the showroom floor, with my gobi beige deuce on side and a forest green deuce on the other. Ironically, both deuces ended up here in PA within an hour apart! It would have been neat to see those cars sitting there when new.

Any newspaper ad's from Nankivell trying to sell some Supercars?

As I remember, Hubler Chev. is between Greenwood and Indy?

Aug 19th, 04, 8:32 PM
M, you have mail.

Aug 20th, 04, 9:11 AM
Arghh.... I feel stupid, I don't see where to view PM's!! Somebody help....

Aug 20th, 04, 11:10 AM
M, One of the members of our local Chevelle club, a 55 yr old lady, bought a new '67 Chevelle SS396 off Nankivell's showroom floor in '67 (the year she graduated HS). She had it about 10 years and sold it. About 7 years ago her sons found the car, bought it back (for about $6k-stole it), and gave it to her on her birthday. Her brother helped her restore it and now it's a show winner. It so happens she still had all the original paperwork, POP, etc., on it. She had kept it under a desk pad for about 20 years.

Aug 20th, 04, 4:19 PM
You guys are talking about old newspaper ads. On one of the occasions when my mom made pop clean out the old hayloft in our garage, I was helping him and came across some old newspapers. They were from the mid-70s. I grabbed the "autos for sale" section just to glance at them.
One of the ads in there read: "1970 Cuda, Hemi, red $1,000." The phone number began with 253. My phone number begins with 253. I about flipped that there was a Hemi Cuda in my general area that had been sold for a grand!

I'm surprised by von's post. I guess it never occurred to me that such hot cars hit the streets in my little midwest town.

My friend went to Ball State in '89/90 and the first half of '90/91. Did you ever go to Muncie Dragway? I used to take my Nova up there to see him. The first dragstrip run I ever made was at that strip. Did you drive a car up there that I might remember from that time?

Aug 23rd, 04, 12:28 PM
I had my convertible, but I never went to the strip. Took it to James Dean a few times.

My Dad's best friend in high school ordered a Z16. Got tired of waiting so he took a Corvair Spyder instead. At least that's how the story goes...

Aug 24th, 04, 9:24 AM
I am dying on the vine here! Where is this Yenko, it's killin me smile.gif

Aug 24th, 04, 2:03 PM
Yeah, what's up with this thing?! Let's hear some news!

Aug 24th, 04, 8:54 PM
Cmon baddbob71, My boy Marlin has a race to Win,either in a Car or on Foot,he don't need no late night Stress detouring him from his agenda........Shake it off M. ;)

Aug 24th, 04, 8:58 PM
Marlin Win????? That's a good one!!! :D

Aug 24th, 04, 9:31 PM
What is it with these fake Yenkos and COPOS lately? Its obvious nothing is doing with this car. He took the VINS out there, it didnt match any of them, and he backed out. Thats what Im betting happened to this supposed chicken coop SuperCar. I hate to say it, but there will never be any pics or stories regarding this car. It doesnt take 6 weeks to buy a used car. You can go to a dealer, look at a car, and drive it home the same day. Oh well- it was fun while it lasted graemlins/sad.gif

Aug 25th, 04, 1:31 AM
well, I haven't heard nothing on the duece. I've stopped by his house several times with nobody ever home. It looks like he must still be downstate and I'm probably out of the loop. Here's the contact info if anyone would like to persue this. Good luck. Dennis Kalisch 906-249-9346

Aug 25th, 04, 9:12 AM
Patience, Patience!!

I thought the same thing about a rumour deuce 1 hour from my house, another gobi beige one for that matter! Over time, it came out, and it was indeed a real deuce that the guy has owned since '72 - so you never know.

I will not call the number, it's 'baddbob71's deal. Keep trying, but keep us updated smile.gif

Aug 25th, 04, 11:39 AM
Patience! Who has time for PATIENCE???!!! We need to find out NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 25th, 04, 12:26 PM
"Good things come to those who wait", obviously that proverb didn't come from an automotive enthusiast!

Aug 25th, 04, 2:15 PM
Patience HELL! ;)

If I was in that area, Id be checking it out. He basically stated that hes through with it. He knew enough NOT to give out the number before, and now he did. Its not over till the fat lady sings, and she hasnt even took the stage yet. MAN- I wished I lived in Michigan right now. Id be all over this car like white on rice graemlins/angry.gif .

Aug 29th, 04, 8:06 PM
Well badbob once you have confirmed that the VIN is right and that this is the original owner so no VIN swapping could have happened, I would offer her 10,000 and then go straight to Greg at D.P.E. for your rebuild work and car accessories that need date matching, you might even be able to get paper from him as well, but that might be faster through Rob Clary right? In fact I am sure it would be coz he's the Yenko afficianado!! hop[e I spelled that right graemlins/clonk.gif

Aug 29th, 04, 11:56 PM
I have been on the sidelines reading the "Bain" chronicles. With Bain's attempt to now "hijack" this thread it is becoming obvious he is nothing more than an web "troll". I beleive he should be banned from this site for that reason alone. Get a life..........

Aug 30th, 04, 12:41 AM
Listen Murder boy or I am sorry Redrum The poster of these topics is looking for opinions and discussion on his Yenko thats it not your estimation of what I trying to do. Get back on track and offer something positive or negfative but at least on point, or don't say anything.

Aug 30th, 04, 12:43 AM
Originally posted by Redrum:
I have been on the sidelines reading the "Bain" chronicles. With Bain's attempt to now "hijack" this thread it is become obvious he is nothing more than an web "troll". I beleive he should be banned from this site for that reason alone. Get a life.......... I second the motion.

Aug 30th, 04, 2:03 AM
No Bain...It was just your lame attempt to take a cheap shot at Rob Clary. I third the Motion. Maybe he can go fake VW's or something else so that I won't have to see him anymore.

Aug 30th, 04, 6:05 AM
Clill I am not taking a cheap shot at Rob Clarey, can read I said he would be faster as he is the Yenko Guy to talk to, and I wasn't being sarcastic. Getting back to the guys NOVA ... Stay on point, this is about Badbobs Nova not your stupid motions, like it or not I am here and have something to offer thats valuable at times

Aug 30th, 04, 8:54 AM
I didnt think you could be any more of a dumb ass. You are a hall of fame dumb ass. You get all the boards mad, everyone in the Armed Forces wanting to come down there and snap your neck, you leave your licence plate visable on your e bay add so anyone could find out where you live. You are lucky to be alive right now. Take your Prosac and up the levels a little and shut the hell up! JMHO

Aug 30th, 04, 12:28 PM
i think bain has it right again, we could ALL go to greg at dpe and get our restos done and paperwork and that way we ALL would have a copo or yenko car. great idea bain!

Aug 30th, 04, 12:35 PM
All of us that have real cars like Badbob and me

Aug 30th, 04, 12:39 PM
yeah, thats what i meant.

Aug 30th, 04, 1:42 PM
I got a fix on his position and just radioed in a fire mission to some artillery guys I know at FT Hood. All I got to say is you better shoot and scoot!

Aug 30th, 04, 1:55 PM
Bain or Greg or DPE, whatever/whomever you are; please exit this thread! We were progressing just fine without your assistance, and perhaps your expertise is more useful elswhere.

Dpe, whatever it is, does not have the '70 Yenko Deuce VINS or any other numbers for the Deuces, readers beware.

Bob should continue his quest for the car, it is his lead to chase down. I'm sure this is not the first time that the car has had an interested party, and these things take time. Let us know when you are able to get the numbers, and we'll be able to tell you anything you want to know about it.

Aug 30th, 04, 3:14 PM

Target coordinates:

29 34.52'N
95 33.54'W

Give him hell from the Navy!

Aug 30th, 04, 4:13 PM
look at that bain! your so popular, got you a fan club going. tell everybody on the other post to stop and just wait and see, and here ya are flaming up everbody on this post. what a glutin for punishment.

Aug 30th, 04, 5:22 PM
If anybody knows who has the Yenko Deuce info, you think it would be the Yenko Deuce Registy. Anyway, I have some of the once elusive Yenko Deuce info too. FIRST I got it at rabbitstoys, THEN released it, and I'll be- its here at TC too. Must be the same place DPE got it.

You sold the car, right Bain? If you are so obsessed with it, why not offer to buy it back for 10K more than you paid? Seems reasonable to me if you love it that much and its a real COPO.

As for this Deuce, its OVER (see badbobs post). Someone else in Michigan should check the thing out. I would if I was there, but Im not so pfft. tongue.gif

Aug 30th, 04, 8:57 PM
I personally would give alot to get that car... the car is a rarity in itself... don't pass it up, because you'll end up regretting it.

Aug 30th, 04, 9:42 PM
bain, that surely wouldn't be you would it?

Aug 30th, 04, 11:44 PM
Well, I'm out of the picture. I wish I would have found it first. Sure was nice to dream for awhile. Dennis's contact info was posted earlier and from what he told me a lot of people have been contacting him about the car. I'll send him a link to this site, maybe he'll jump in. I know a lot of people here have been waiting for some info on the car. Bob

Aug 30th, 04, 11:58 PM
BIg Sarge there is no anti Bain, Just Bain.

Sorry to hear that Big Bob, just so everyone knows Greg does have these docs too, Bob Clary should make an appointment and go out to INdiana, and take a look at each others hand that would be interesting.

Quote "The popular person or thing to do isn't always the right way to go, and often the unpopular thing to do or the person to deal with is the right thing to do" Isn't logical but it is often true.

See ya later BadBob better luck next time!

Sep 8th, 04, 12:17 AM
Has anyone made any progress on this one? Just checking back, if anyone needs info just let me know.

Sep 8th, 04, 5:38 AM
I called him. Left a message. He called back and said car is not for sale.

Sep 8th, 04, 9:15 AM

Sep 8th, 04, 2:31 PM

A classic case of "its sits out in the Chicken coop for 20 years untouched and rotting. Someone sees it, asks about buying it. Then MORE people call about it. Hmmmm. It must be worth some money :confused: . Now, guess what? Im not selling it to anybody until I can sail to Tahiti on a hand built boat with the money I get from selling it".

What a joke, but I am in a way glad, if it IS a Yenko, that some old lady didnt get the shaft and sell the thing for $2000. Even if it is NOT a Yenko, its too bad people do that to these cars. But, its theirs so I suppose they can do what they wish tongue.gif

Sep 9th, 04, 4:16 AM
If this car truly exists, I think I could find out it's whereabouts and get it myself.

Lets see, where would I start.
Well, we have a 88 year old woman selling a house....start by contacting the real estate agencies in the area of the phone number given. Kalisch 906-249-9346
Might take a while, but how many 88 year old widows are selling their property (farm?)that has a chicken coupe ?
If I had the time, I might even be able to look at listings in the area on the internet ! :eek:
Make some phone calls........ :eek:


Sep 15th, 04, 8:57 AM
Kalisch has the car, it's a 69. Not for sale at this time. He's holding on to it as an investment to fund his Daughter's college expenses. The car now runs and drives. This is all I know after talking with him on the phone, I haven't seen the car myself. Bob

Sep 15th, 04, 10:58 AM
If that's the case, it might explain the headrest decals. However, the '69 Yenko Novas are harder to document because they are not copo cars. If it's a real one, he might consider selling it now - the cars are at their highest values ever. He could invest the money in a variety of ways including prepaid tuition plans, tax deferred college funds, etc..

Sep 15th, 04, 11:24 AM
You are the schemer, aren't you?
"Yeah, you should sell this car and invest it in some deferred college funds. I would be happy to help you make the first transaction..."

I think now we're all just dying to see some photos of it. Even if it's just the back of it sitting in a dusty garage. Ever notice how dust looks great on the right kind of car? It screams "buy me now and fix me, please!"

Sep 15th, 04, 1:20 PM
I wish I was, but I have the car (s) I want and would rather that a Yenko Deuce go to another enthusiast to restore and enjoy!

Field pics look cool too smile.gif

Sep 21st, 04, 11:59 AM
Sort of like this: