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: Engine Swap (72 Nova)

Green Goblin
Jan 13th, 04, 5:17 PM
What are all of the pieces I will need (hoses, fittings, mounts, brackets etc.) to make a full swap from a stock 250 inline-six (Power steering only) to a stock rebuilt SB 350?

Jan 13th, 04, 9:01 PM
You want everything? Where is your sense of adventure? A complete 350 with all brackets and pullies, v8 power steering pump and hoses, v8 frame and engine mounts, exhaust, radiator hoses, relocation of the engine harness, throttle cable work. Very easy swap. I would upgrade the radiator if you are running an above stock 350 or better.

Jan 13th, 04, 11:21 PM
I have done this in several cars, best move is to use a donor car for all the brackets, mounts, etc. If the 350 is coming out of another car, also take everything attached to the engine. Will need to get new motor mounts (good idea anyway) connections on throttle might need some work. The suggestion on a new radiator is a good one, especially if using headers....will get much warmer in that engine compartment. Springs on the 72 Nova should be fine for a small block...lowering it an inch or two probably what ya want anyway :)