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: Price Check on aisle 5, control arm bushings and seal...

Apr 14th, 04, 12:41 PM
Ok, so my 70 started get this loud pop in the steering along with a noticable pang in the brake pedal and steering wheel.. when turning the car hard to either side... and when braking to a stop.. you let of the brake and kerpow.. on the drivers side..

also the thing was going through so much oil its retarded..

So, dropped it off at my local rip ya off, anf they pointed out quickly that the lower control arm bushing, driver front, was completely eat up, the whole job under there could be shifted with a bar.. also said the front harmonic seal was the source of the oil leak..

so.. with parts and labor, they want $817 to fix it all, that's all new upper and lower control arm bushings, both side, neo, and take weld something to something and fix the seal..

Good price or bad price?

Apr 14th, 04, 12:46 PM
HOLY CRAPOLA! $817 dollars. wow. Are those polygraphite bushings or just rubber?

It is quite labor intensive to do the bushings, i once got charged $50 dollars to do that on both sides and an alignment. But that was under the table. I wouldn't pay any more then $400 for the whole thing, and i wouldn't pay that i would just do it myself.

Harmonic balancer is easy to get to, unsure of a seal from around there, but don't know a whole lot about motors.

Apr 14th, 04, 12:58 PM
"and take weld something to something and fix the seal.."

JB Weld? I can't even see how that would work. The gasket set is around $16.00 and a balancer saver sleeve is around $5.00 to fix it right. There is some labor to involved to do it right. Price is way too high.

Apr 14th, 04, 1:02 PM
Wow.. that sounds much better.. that does seem expensive in that light..

(tac weld) they want to weld the control arm to....... something.. im not sure what he's talking about..)

The said something about putting in the good bushings... Anyone have any reco's on bushings.. and please keep the comments coming.. cause i really have to watch my cash!! Im not into wasting money at the moment...

also keep in mind.. this is my daily driver right now, and I am hoping to get another car soon, so I can park this thing for the summer and work on it as i go...

Another guy i know just quoted me 5 and some change to do both, parts labor and tax..

Apr 14th, 04, 2:39 PM
Hold on a second here...

"take weld something to something" 1. doesn't mean JB weld (TACK WELD maybe?), and 2. tells me you don't know what's wrong.

Get a better grip on what's wrong and what they're doing to fix it and report back later.

Apr 14th, 04, 2:42 PM
Yeah, they were talking about tack welding the upper control arm to something

Apr 14th, 04, 3:01 PM
Maybe tack welding the control arm bushings to the control arms?

Apr 14th, 04, 3:12 PM
Where are you in houston? I use to work at a place at 13716 hempstead hwy.B&B tire and brake.Call and get a price, if john still owns the shop he had great prices.

Apr 14th, 04, 3:24 PM
Im nw, kinda in that area...ill call!

Apr 14th, 04, 3:37 PM
Would this be an incredibly nasty job to take on yourself...?

Apr 14th, 04, 3:43 PM
The uppers are not to bad,the lowers are a tuff job without a lift.If you need springs now is the time to do them.

Apr 14th, 04, 4:15 PM
If they were looking at tack welding something, there may be a little damage that would make the job harder. ( has a good instruction sheet on how to do all the bushings, it will give you a good idea of what you're up against.

Good luck either way!!

Apr 14th, 04, 4:43 PM
Thats the other thing im wondering about... if im gonna get it torn apart... what else should i look at doing?

Also, I told that shop flat out i had 550 bucks.. thats it, do it or dont.. we'll see what happens (actually, that is even more than i need to spend right not... but i can squeeze it i guess)

Apr 14th, 04, 4:46 PM
whats this kinda stuff going to do for me..

Apr 14th, 04, 5:27 PM
I put in rubber bushings on my 64. If you are short on cash they do work. Use a chassis shop to press the old bushings and ball joint out and in for about $15.00 labor per arm.
To fix the left side and do the right side later it can be done for around.
$60.00 labor to press the bushings
$20.00 rubber bushings
$30.00 ball joints
$15.00 4-pound machinists hammer
$10.00 internal spring compreser.
Will need a small 4 wheel shop jack to raise up the arm.
If the lower arm is damaged enough where the lower bushings have to be welded in, I'd get another arm.

Apr 14th, 04, 8:55 PM
Maybe they were talking about welding the splined bolts so they can do an alignment maybe they are spinning but other than that there should be no welding on the front end am i correct???? i had never done anything on suspensions before and i put poly in just take the control arms to a alignment shop they will press out the old ones and press in new ones for way cheaper than a shop whos going to charge you hourly labour to take them off maybe its time to get the control arms powdercoated too.....

Apr 14th, 04, 9:34 PM
Pasma you can do this yourself but without someone with some expierence I would'nt recommend it. Esspecially since tis is a daily driver. Once it is fixed it will be like a night and day difference. What are your long term plans for the car? If you have it done professionally upper and lower graphite bushings, tie rods etc with the alignment for $500 I'd do it. The first time I did this took two weekends since I needed a press. The second time I swapped front ends from one 67 to another it took me less than four hours but the bushings were already done. If it is just the timing cover seal for a small block that is pretty simple. If it is for a small block it you lived closer I'd give you my Fel Pro set since I switched to a BBC I don't need it.

Apr 15th, 04, 11:23 AM

I found a good mechanic in Houston. Gessner/I-10 area. A real Chevelle guy. My car's there now.

Read this post. (;f=4;t=019548)

Apr 16th, 04, 2:04 PM

Well i will certainly find that guy!! Ive been huntin hard for chevelle nut in town! Thanks for pointing that out!

The car is being torn apart right now. The original shop that told me $817, i just flat out told em i only had $550! so they called me back and said fine... so hopefullt that will be the end of that end of the car!