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: Chevelle to 80's Camaro Drivetrain Swap

Mar 7th, 04, 12:52 PM
I am planning my 68 wagon project, and am considering swapping in a mid- to late 80's Camaro Drivetrain.

I wanted to swap in the engine, fuel injection and tranny and computer stuff, and try to keep the a/c compressor and modify it into an aftermarket kit.

Has anyone done something like this?

Also I am trying to figure out which camaro. I remember back in high school I drove a few 8 cyl camaro's both z28's and regular 8cyl. Both cars had lots of tourque and would roast the tires. I'm not sure which 305's they were.

This car is gonna be a driver but I would like it to have so "get up and go".

I have a line on a 88 Camaro w/ 60k miles totaled in the rear, I'm just not sure how to tell if its the right 8cyl combo.

Any help is appreciated.

Mar 7th, 04, 2:05 PM
The best Thirdgen Camaro drivetrains would be found on the IROC-Z28's between 1987-1991 or 1991-1992 Z28's. They came with a TPI 350. The TPI injected cars made a ton of torque, even the 305's that can be found in Iroc's from 1985-1991. The 1987-1989 Iroc's w/350 had a Borg-Warner rear axle which is very durable. I owned an 1987 w/ TPI 350 and Borg-Warner rear, and it would plant you firmly in the seat.

Here is a link to a list of drivetrain configurations on Camaro's from 1982-1992, including power numbers, fuel induction type, and rearends available Drivetrains (

Hope this helps you.

Mar 7th, 04, 2:18 PM
One more thing. In 1988 GM only made a base Camaro and the IROC-Z28's. So if the '88 your looking at isn't an IROC then the original engine would be a TBI 305. If its torque you want then look for something with TPI.


Mar 8th, 04, 2:44 AM
The following was cut from (
Engine codes: (8th digit of VIN)

7 LU5
E L03
G L69
8 L98
2 LQ9
1 LC1
7 LC2


2bbl - 2 Barrel
4bbl - 4 Barrel
H.O. - High Output
CFI - Cross Fire Injection
TPI - Tuned Port Injection
TBI - Throttle Body Injection
MPFI - Multi Port Fuel Injection
SFI - Sequential Fuel Injection

The LB9 was a 305 TPI, and the L98 was a 350 TPI. The 350 never came with a manual trans, and all TPI engines have the engine size, in litres, cast into the block behind the drivers side head. As stated, in 88 if it was a plain camaro, it'll probably have an L03 which has crappy swirl port heads and throttle body injection. The L98 is better suited to a Chevelle, but TPI is very restrictive on a 350 and will start to fall on it's face above 4800 RPM. Did you consider looking for an LT1?

Mar 8th, 04, 1:44 PM
I would consider an LT1, although I must admit I don't know alot about the newer stuff. I was thinking of the 80's Camaro's because there cheap and plenteful.

This type of swap is a whole new world for me, I was assuming that getting a wreck with a good drivetrain and electronics would make my swap easier than by peicing it together.

I'm looking for a reliable highway driver, that I could have some fun with around town as well.

Mar 8th, 04, 9:53 PM
Yeah I've done that (see Sig.)
Easy way to tell look back at the bell housing mounting flange. right behind the driver side head. It either says 5.7 or 5.0. 5.7= 350 5.0=305

Mar 9th, 04, 9:28 AM
If your going new tech, think about a LS1 swap. Some more work, but worth it for the all aluminum smooooth power IMO. You can find complete setups with trans out there for fair prices.