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: water pump size

Mar 31st, 04, 1:24 PM
Im going to be ordering a water pump soon for my 350taregtmaster motor im building. I never saw the water pump that was originally on it. Would it have been a long or short pump? The car has AC and power steering if that matters.

Mar 31st, 04, 1:51 PM
Accessories or not don't matter. What does matter are the brackets and pulleys you have. Either pump with work with A/C, P/S, etc., but you have to have all the brackets to match, including alt brackets. Since this engine (apparently) hasn't had a water pump since you've owned it, what year engine did the accessories come off of? That'd be your decision maker.

Mar 31st, 04, 6:22 PM
The accesories will be coming off a 72 original 307.

Mar 31st, 04, 6:58 PM
It'd be a long pump then...anything 69 and up.