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: body bushings

Apr 5th, 04, 1:51 AM
I'm going to be taking the body of my '72 Malibu off the frame so I can have the frame powdercoated, and thought it would be a good time to replace the old body/frame mount bushings. What do you guys suggest going with, just a stock replacement or some of the new polyurethane ones? Do the poly ones feel any different than stock?

Apr 5th, 04, 11:41 AM
the stock rubber gives you a softer ride. while the new poly will b a little rougher but the car will handle slightly beter. i heard of people mixing them up a little. hard out back and soft up front or vice versa to improve handling but still retain a somewhat good ride. not sure which way they did it.. ... myself im going with stock rubber mounts for my 67 4 door velle..

Apr 5th, 04, 1:42 PM
Anyone else have any experience with the poly bushings? The car is going to be about 70% street driven, but even on the street it will still be driven moderately aggressive.

Apr 5th, 04, 2:27 PM
I replaced mine with stock type, and then changed to poly.

The ride was a little firmer, but not that much. I could not see anybody thinking they were too stiff, even for someone only interested in a smooth ride.

Mine is daily driven and would highly recommend the polys to anyone.