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Nov 19th, 99, 2:06 PM
I'm getting ready to replace the R&P and all bearings in my 12 bolt. The axles are worn a little where the bearings ride, maybe .003, just enough to barely catch a fingernail. I'm thinking I need axle saver bearings to position the bearing surface outboard of the worn area. I'm afraid new std bearings would have a little different width rollers or be positioned just different enough to stick out of the wear area a tad. Is there a rule of thumb on when you need these? Where's the best (cheapest) place to get them? I thought I heard on here about $35 each. Year One is $50 each. von

Nov 19th, 99, 4:24 PM
Hey von ive saw in a magazine ,anb article about changing to Ford style tapered roller bearings,it involves cutting off the stock Gm ends and fitting Ford style bearings,im not sure about the cost,i think Moser Engineering did the work,you could probably contact them.The bearing changeover eliminates the C-clips also.If cost is no
problem you should give it a thought.
Regards HR

Nov 19th, 99, 6:29 PM
Just keep in mind that the groove worn into your axles is a PERFECT stress riser. The axle saver bearings seem to work fine on Gramma's car. In a "performance" application, you'll have a broken axle waiting to happen.

Tom Lasater
Nov 19th, 99, 6:56 PM
Von, send me an email with your phone number before you spend your money on those things..

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Nov 19th, 99, 8:02 PM
I've had those axle saver's on my 70 SS 396 for three or four year's, no leak's, no problem's!

Nick P.
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Nov 19th, 99, 9:30 PM
The axle savers can be a good thing if your axles are not grooved. These will give you another 200K miles on your axles.

Nov 20th, 99, 1:44 PM
We use the axle savers quite a bit in the shop I work at. No problems at all. We use National brand. There are two common sizes that we use. The part numbers are RP5707 for the smaller one and RP6408 for the larger one. I'm pretty sure that 12 bolts use the RP5707. We usually put a little bit of silicone aound the outside of the bearing B4 we install it to eliminate any leaks on the outside. They have an o-ring on them also to help with this. The both sell over the counter for $35.30 each. Like I said, we have never had any problems with them, and we install quite a few in muscle cars. I wouldn't hesitate to use them.

The concern over breaking an axle in a performance car is a good one, but the all-out drag cars do not use stock axles or bearings anyway. Anyone with stock axles and bearings that's doing any serious racing is going to break something anyway. An axle saver bearing is not going to contribute to that failure any more or less than a stock bearing would.

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Nov 20th, 99, 10:40 PM
Very Good Scooter!
I was hoping someone would say something like that.

Tom Parsons

Nov 20th, 99, 11:19 PM
I have installed one on my Blazer, since I was leaking oil. The axle was grooved; now, I have to locate another axleshaft, just in case the axle breaks.

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Nov 21st, 99, 7:08 AM
Thanks for the advice. New axles, Ford ends, and C-clip eliminators are not a consideration right now, since this car won't be wearing slicks anytime soon and the budget is tight (the car ate all the money). von

Bob Bryan
Nov 22nd, 99, 4:45 AM
I just put a new 12 bolt in my 68 last week. I put axle savers in from NAPA. The parts guy let me have them for $25. each; quality of the part seems good too.(Federal Mogul)

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