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: Tool Business in Georgia

Jul 15th, 03, 9:34 PM
Does anyone live in or near Marietta, GA?
I would like to know if HARRIS MACHINE AND TOOL WORKS is still in business, and if so, how to get in touch with them. I want to get some info about a tool they make (or did make). The tool kit number is TBP-1.
If anyone can help, I'd sure appreciate it.

Randy Mosier
Jul 15th, 03, 9:40 PM
Yes, there are some members in that area. You'll be getting mail shortly.

Jul 15th, 03, 10:05 PM
I do...need more info on Harris Machine & Tool.
Do you happen to have an address? I couldn't find anything in the local phone book.

Jul 15th, 03, 10:24 PM
This is as close as I could come up with
Harris Machine & Tool, Inc.

158 Ware Road
Phenix City, AL 36869
phone: (334) 298-3092


Steve Haraway
1971 SS396

Jul 15th, 03, 11:04 PM
That's all the info I have (it is about 20yrs old).

I'll give that number a call and see if it is the same business. How far is Phenix City from Marietta? If it is not far, maybe they relocated in the past.

Thanks to you all.

Jul 16th, 03, 8:48 AM
Well, I just called the place in Phenix City, that's not the one.

Jul 16th, 03, 9:37 AM
I live in Marietta, but I've never heard of this company. I do have some friends in the automotive business, so I'll ask around.

Jul 16th, 03, 10:56 AM
Look here. (

A couple of machine shops with "Harris" in the name. One in Georgia...

Jul 16th, 03, 11:21 PM
It's not Harris Maufacturing in Dallas, GA.
I know Ricky Harris personally...small shop that's only been in business a few years.

Jul 17th, 03, 9:15 AM
I'm not having any luck turning anything up. I am guessing they have either changed names or gone out of business. Marietta is not a very big place.

Jul 21st, 03, 10:14 PM
Good evening. Can you post a picture of the tool and a description of what it does?
My brother is a great machinist and we are in the process of purchasing a machine shop in Louisville KY. We should be able to fabricate most anything. Let me know. Dennis

Jul 21st, 03, 11:50 PM
OK, I found a tool. It was ORIGINALLY made by Hayden (now Atec-Hayden) for $115. A transmission supply in OKC has ordered it for me. There is a seperate tool required for the 2 different sizes of bushings (turbo 350 and turbo 400 size). For now, I only ordered the smaller one (which is the more common size). It is supposed to be able to remove AND install a new bushing with the tranny in the car.