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: 4 speed cable shifter anyone?

Jul 11th, 03, 2:46 PM
Anyone know of a 4 speed shifter that is totaly cable opperated? I dont want to butcher my floor board and already have the sag in and a "temp" shifter riged up but i would like to do it right. i dont want anymore then the 3 holes in the floorpan if i dont have to.

Jul 11th, 03, 3:22 PM
Automatic shifter, correct?

Look at the B&M Quicksilver. I have one and it's sweet. Cable operated. 3 or 4 speed compatible. Neutral safety switch, reverse lock-out, backup lights. Basically all the goodies NHRA wants you to have if you drag race. You'll need to drill five holes to use it - 4 for the shifter and 1 hole to pass the cable through.

Hope that helps!

Jul 11th, 03, 3:41 PM
I could use that if i didnt just frag the 700r4. Now im going with a standard shift 4 speed. The 700 has moved its last velle...unless i rebuild it for a later project, thats why i want to go cable shift so i dont have to butcher my floor.

Jul 11th, 03, 6:44 PM
Sorry Charlie,

Now I'm just sorry for making that joke, graemlins/sad.gif bet you never heard it before. graemlins/clonk.gif

Anyway as far as I know, I've never heard of a cable shifter, for a manual transmission in one of our cars.

But believe me, when I tell you, a four speed is FUN .

If you get serious about dragstrip performance, an Automatic, might be the better choice. But for a fun car, the stick shift is giggle city.

You probably won't want to change back.
And besides, cars are made of metal, anything you cut, can be welded back. graemlins/thumbsup.gif

Your car looks good and good luck graemlins/beers.gif

Jul 11th, 03, 6:55 PM
Thanks for the complament. I love standard shift, the only reason i bought a automatic chevelle is because i could work it off (worked at my familys store for 8 mounths before it was considered "paid for") Ive already thrown a bearing in the original moter but im keeping it because its numbers matching. AS for transmissions ive gone through 3 in the last 3 mounths, so its time to go ahead and convert. I still havent found the pedals yet but i have the trans in the car and am looking. Im working on a setup that uses a regular 3 speed shifter setup with a extra cable on a spring for reverse. Hopefully i can get 2 springs to make the cables act right, ive already built a box to go around it and made my makeshift shifter, but i want something done right not done by a apprentice carpenter and ameture car restorer. (third project car at 20) 48 ford coup with suiside doors, assortment of 69-76 maverics, and now the velle. (people will argue with me all day long there was never a 69 ford maveric, but i owned one so i know its been made. all set up out of the farlane parts bin). I love this car but i just want to drive it again!

Jul 11th, 03, 8:45 PM
and already have the sag in and a "temp" shifter riged up AS for transmissions ive gone through 3 in the last 3 mounths, so its time to go ahead and convert if i didnt just frag the 700r4. Does that mean you are putting in a Saginaw 4-speed?

If thats the case, I think its a bad choice. If you have enough power to break 3 transmissions in 3 months, then I doubt there is anyway a Saginaw 4-speed will ever hold up... The Muncie is the stronger 4-speed, with the Saginaw used in low-powered V8s , 6-cylinders and 4-cylinders (Vegas used the Saginaw, as well as the corvairs using a version...).

Nothing against converting to a stick-shift, I have done this, and it definitely is fun to drive, but...

The only cable operated shifters I have seen are made for Volkswagons and Porsche transaxles (sandrails, etc), but might be able to be converted to a standard external linkage 4-speed...

I have never seen a front-engined/manual transmission/rear-wheel-drive car with a cable operated shifter, because usually the cables are less reliable, and usually no need because the trans is right there...

Maybe you should consider cutting a hole in the floor, as the cable shifter would leave holes anyway, and those would be just about as hard to fix as one larger hole...

Or is there another reason?

I think one brand was "Jamar", try an internet search on their products...

Jul 11th, 03, 10:17 PM
Small holes can be welded back up without alot of trouble, but it looks like i might have to go with the big hole instead of 3 small ones. It tore up the th350 because it was wore out, the next seemed good for a little while till it started slipping, and the 700r4 i think was more misadjusted tv cable and mostly wore out clutch plates....(my oun stupidity). its only a 400sb i think was camed up before i bought it, and only running the 2bbl off my 350 because the carb was cracked from bottom to top when i got the moter.

Jul 12th, 03, 7:02 AM
How bout a column shifter? Can you say "sleeper"? :D