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: "SS" horn pad

Jul 3rd, 03, 3:10 PM
I have a 72 malibu, ive seen horn pads that have "SS" in the center, but in the same style as the usual "chevelle" shape pad - not the small circle "ss" that i guess was the real ss wheel. Does anyone know what im talking about and where i can buy one?

Jul 3rd, 03, 3:13 PM
like the one on this car
web page (http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2420939697&category=6164)

Jul 3rd, 03, 3:50 PM
My Brother (camhead) has a wheel just like that on his real 72 SS. I believe it to be the correct wheel for the application.

He doesn't like it because its not sporty enough.
Its in really nice shape, no cracks , I bet he'd sell it. It's black.

Jul 3rd, 03, 10:16 PM
That's the same wheel I have in my 72 Chevelle SS. It's the standard SS wheel, there was also an optional four spoke wheel that had a round horn button in the center with the SS on it. I don't know of anyone reproducing the SS or Chevrolet inserts for the standard 71-72 steering wheels. Your best bet would be to look around at alot of swapmeets I have seen a couple of them for sale there, hopefully in a few years someone will reproduce them.


Jul 3rd, 03, 11:22 PM
if your brother doesn't like it i would buy it off him. I looked in all the catalogs but nobody seems to sell it. i guess its rare or just not popular.