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: Fuel Line & brake booster Tube Woes

Oct 11th, 03, 11:25 AM

Car in question is a 70 Chevelle SS 396 (L34)

I just received my order from our sponsor and the Fuel Line (Fuel Pump to Carb) doesn't seem to fit at all.

The fuel pump outlet (where fuel line connects) is located at the rear of the pump and the fuel line wants to be connected more towards the side of the pump. Now I'm wondering if either the pump or line is wrong. The pump looks old, it's the long gold anodized pump.

The new Brake booster tube is about 1/2 inch longer than the it should be, meaning when connected to the vacuum fitting on intake the bracket that sits on the intake stud is off by about 1/2 inch. Did these tubes come in different length's? The package said 1970 BB.

Edit... One more thing, I am nearing completion on the work I'm doing but couldn't for the life of me get those damn :mad: Brake booster nuts off. So, the booster has not been replated :(

Any suggestions? I thought about splitting the nuts, remove the booster, then just buy new nuts.

Here's a pic. 29 Sep (http://www.chevelles.com/showroom/Chevy_Rat/Eng1_29Sep03.JPG)



Oct 11th, 03, 12:30 PM
the pump could be wrongI bought on that that had the outlet in the wrong spot to fit the factory line on my 70. I used a short 9/16 wrench to remove booster. my factory brake hose ends about 1 inch above valve cover.

Oct 11th, 03, 1:19 PM
Well, I called our sponsor this morning, and found out the pump I have is the wrong application. They have the correct fuel pump with the fuel line fitting in the right location to attach the fuel line. Of course I ordered it ;)

I fanagled the brake booster tube by elongating the opening on the bracket that attaches to the intake stud, fits like a gem...

When I get back from Iraq next spring I'll tackle the brake booster. I tried a 9/16 wrench but was rounding the corners off the nut. Liquid wrench didn't help either.. And man that is a very small confining space to work in...

Thats the last thing as far as detailing and correct stuff. I hope :D Hell, who am I kidding