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: 71 HD Battery Question

Sep 27th, 03, 8:50 PM
I have a 71 SS 454 that came with the Heavy Duty Battery option. Did this original battery have top posts or side posts? Thanks for any help.
Mike Martin

Bill Rose
Sep 27th, 03, 10:00 PM

Sep 28th, 03, 7:56 AM
The original batteries were also smooth on the top surface, not a grainy texture.


Sep 28th, 03, 1:00 PM
Where would you recommend getting a replacement, period type battery from? Thanks for the responses.

Sep 29th, 03, 6:49 AM
New Castle (http://www.turbostart.com/specialt.htm)

Antique Auto Battery (http://www.antiqueautobattery.com/)

Here's a couple Mike. Tell them what engine you have and remember about the top surface texture. You can also buy an original GM 1971 date coded battery at some swap meets but they're $$$ :eek:

Good Luck.


Sep 29th, 03, 7:47 AM
Carefull with the replacement (reproduction) batteries. Not to vendor bash but they don't last. I have bought four in the last four years..for different cars and none of them has lasted more than two years...some not even one!. I started using the new GM maintenece free batteries...6 year warranty and have had no problems. If looks are important you could swap in a repro battery for shows and then use the other for everyday or weekend use...ALbert