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: 1971-72 Malibu Steering wheels

Nov 19th, 03, 8:40 PM
Was there a different steering wheel offered on the Malibu's other than the 2 spoke ones. I have seen some nice 4 spoke "optional" wheels for sale. Did the Malibu's ever come with these wheels, and if so what was the center cap?

Nov 19th, 03, 9:34 PM
The four-spoke wheel was optional in both '71 and '72 Chevelles under RPO NK4 "Sport Steering Wheel". There were 8962 ordered in '71; 20,486 in '72. Regardless of the model, the horn cap wore a black bowtie in the center. You may see some '71-2 SS Chevelles with the "SS"emblem in the center, but that horn cap emblem is for early-mid 70's Novas.

The same basic wheel was used (at various times) on several different Chevrolet models, including the Vega, Monza, Nova, Camaro, Monte Carlo, and Chevelles/Malibus. Since they were fairly prolific, you're correct to say that you can find nice ones out there. Try to find one that's had a rim wrap on it, and the grain on the wheel should still be nice and crisp. I've bought nice wheels as cheap as $20 at swap meets, and up to $75 for really nice (wrapped) ones.


Nov 19th, 03, 9:41 PM
That is the answer that I was hoping for. Thanks!

Nov 19th, 03, 9:45 PM
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