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: Need help!! Install questions on window felts

Apr 15th, 03, 5:45 PM
I ordered window fuzzies (felts) for my 1966 malibu ss convertible from National Parts depot. They came with no instructions for install. There has to be a pro out there that could please help me with this. Do I need to remove door panel or do I just roll down window graemlins/clonk.gif . Any help would be great!

1966 Malibu SS convertible (canadian)
3.55 eaton posi

Apr 15th, 03, 7:55 PM
They should just clip right in to the factory holes on the inside lip of the window opening. The fuzzie one goes on the inside, the rubber squeegee type one goes on the outside of the window. Just take the long rubber ones and match 'em up to the holes and then clip 'em in. That is if all the clips align, I had a set for a 65 where the rears didnt line up so I had to remove the clips and reinstall them in the right locations.

good luck

Apr 15th, 03, 9:25 PM
My 66' has the original fuzzies on the outside and the rubber on the inside. I am pretty confused now. graemlins/clonk.gif

1966 malibu ss convertible
3.55 eaton posi

Apr 16th, 03, 10:05 AM
I thinkl J70chev got it backwards. The fuzzies go on the outside, rubbers on the inside. Roll the window down and see if it goes low enough to get the old one out. You might have to pull the door panels to lower the lower window stops. This lets you drop the glass into the door further to aid in the replacement of the fuzzies. Raise the stops back to where they were when you finish. Good luck,

Apr 16th, 03, 11:40 AM
My fuzzies are on the inside,rubber on the outside.
Never seen them the other way

Apr 16th, 03, 12:07 PM
Rubber on the outside, fuzzy on the inside. Always.

The rubber is there to keep (most of the) water out. The fuzzy part wouldn't do a very good job of that. I have to assume that on those cars with them installed backwards that someone replaced them in the past and did it wrong.

Apr 16th, 03, 12:32 PM
Gotta agree with Rich on all counts ;)

CT Mark
Apr 16th, 03, 2:56 PM
I have repops on my '67 and the fuzzies are on the outside. They won't fit any other way. The inside piece needs to be shorter. Mine fit perfect with the fuzzies on the outside.

Apr 16th, 03, 3:22 PM
I hope you put the plastic water shield behind your door panels because those fuzzies wont stop one drop of water.

Apr 16th, 03, 3:39 PM
My 64 Conv new window felts have an anti window rattle spacer pop riveted on them. I didn't know what it was for. I asked re-pop by e-mail. They got right back to me with the answer.

A screw on each end also holds on the felts.

Apr 16th, 03, 3:49 PM

Apr 16th, 03, 3:51 PM
Originally posted by Rich-L79:
....I have to assume that on those cars with them installed backwards that someone replaced them in the past and did it wrong. My original fuzzies are on the outside, rubber on the inside. But I have a 71-72.

Now ya got me wondering, not questioning, but wondering.



I just looked at a few original 70-71's and some other brands from the 60's and they have rubber both sides. The only difference is the shape. In all cases the inner is the "V" shaped rubber w/ felt against the glass and the outer is the single rubber wipe edge.

Now I'm wondering if they put different ones on the post cars. My "V" shape in on the inside, with an all fuzzy on the outside.

I know it dosen't do much to answer the question, but maybe the shape will help, at least that does seem to be consistant.

Apr 17th, 03, 9:59 AM
It makes sense that the rubber would be outside to keep water out, but I think it was the fuzzy. I remember 20 years ago when I got my 68 z/28 RS it had the optional chrome running on the top of the doors where you rest your arm and the fuzz was worn down and needed replacing. A friend said he had some in his attic he bought for a car that he had sold. When it showed up it was brand new chrome and fuzzies factory attached. That's Camaros, this is Chevelles, I know.
Now if we have the rubber on the outside wouldn't we have a greater chance of scratching
the window with sand and dirt when we rolled it down? The fuzzy would "absorb" the grit and rubber might hold it againist the glass.
Maybe they varied from factory to factory...........does anybody know for sure?

Apr 17th, 03, 11:27 AM
We are talking about, at least I am talking about, 1964-1967 models only. The 1968-1972 models used a different set up.

The rubber on the outside doesn't actually touch the glass so it would not rub against the glass as it goes down if everything is adjusted properly. The rubber seals against the base section of the window assembly to seal out wind and water when the window is fully raised.

Concerning Repops brand not fitting one way: that doesn't really mean much, Repops are well known for not being correctly made. They are some of the better looking sets available and look more correct to original when installed correctly but they rarely fit correctly without a little help. Many people, myself included, have had to remove and reposition the retaining clips to make them work. That doesn't mean I put them on backwards, it means they were manufactured wrong. Never ever trust that a reproduction part is made correctly! No offense intended, just the facts. :cool:

And as mentioned above, the hard plastic block at one end of the long rubber ones for the doors are intended as a rub block. The block is to go to the outside rear edge of the window opening and registers against the frame that holds the glass when the window is fully up. This keeps the glass from vibrating. Also, this block has a small countersunk hole in it and should have a small screw through it to attach the rear edge of the rubber strip securely to the rear edge of the door.

Folks, if you have any doubt about which goes to the outside, just visit your favorite old car junk yard and check out the original GM window felts on any early (1964-1967) GM A-body. Rubber on the outside, fuzzy on the inside. Always.

If it will help, I post some pictures from my original body manual which also show which goes where.

Apr 17th, 03, 11:33 AM
This is what i found in the body by fisher manual for 66

A-07-17-39 and 67 styles 'j' strip inner- pile outer

A-11-69-35-55-65 and 80 styles pile inner-rubber outer

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
p.s other Gm models also have both ways listed

Apr 17th, 03, 12:57 PM
I am also assuming we are talking only about 2-door hardtop models. I honestly have no idea what window felt set ups are used on 4-door sedans or 2-door sedans (cars with window frames and b-pillars/center posts). I have a 4-door parts car which I could look at this weekend.

Apr 17th, 03, 5:59 PM
I'd say you're right Rich. As I stated, all the cars I looked at had the rubber on the outside, but all were hardtops. It must be just the post cars that have the full felt on the outside, between the uprights. smile.gif

I think Roger has a good point as to why their use on the outside, certianly explains things a little better.

Love to learn new dribble I'll probably never use ;) :D

Apr 17th, 03, 6:48 PM
Originally posted by Beldarr:

I think Roger has a good point as to why their use on the outside, certianly explains things a little better.

But not even the fuzzy strip if attached to the outside edge would touch the glass itself as it goes down.

Apr 17th, 03, 9:45 PM
I feel this should settle this once and for all. This illustration is from the Cheverolet Body Service Manual for 1965. In the text this illustration applies to ALL BODY STYLES. All 64-67 Chevelles used the same windowfelts.

Apr 17th, 03, 10:22 PM
Rich, graemlins/beers.gif
all I can say is thanks!! I am impressed. graemlins/hurray.gif

1966 Malibu SS convertible (canadian)
3.55 eaton posi

Apr 17th, 03, 10:52 PM
Are you really sure Rich?? I don't know...I am still skeptical :D ;)

Only here could such a simple thing get two pages worth of responses...thanks for sticking with it Rich graemlins/thumbsup.gif

Apr 17th, 03, 11:23 PM
Details Mike!!!!

Apr 18th, 03, 10:19 AM
Originally posted by chev64:
Details Mike!!!! Leo, I think Mike is joking (maybe you are too!).

The picture I posted isn't appearing right now, my website hosting seems to be having some difficulty this morning.

Apr 18th, 03, 11:12 AM
Yeah Rich, Mike and I do this a lot. When you see his car in person, you will know what I am talking about.

Apr 18th, 03, 12:15 PM
Well guys, I'm not one to give-up so easily either ;)

I concede that 64-67 hardtops/sedans are exactly like Rich's illustration. But I must stress that you should consider Roger's explanation of the "felt brushes" ON THE OUTSIDE to be fact for some models later than the stated 64-67 years.

Not to do so may be embarrassing at some point in the future. Just a heads-up.

And though long and tedious, this post was insightful in more ways than just correct weatherstripping, and I thank you. smile.gif

Apr 18th, 03, 12:27 PM
Originally posted by Beldarr:
Well guys, I'm not one to give-up so easily either ;)

I concede that 64-67 hardtops/sedans are exactly like Rich's illustration. But I must stress that you should consider Roger's explanation of the "felt brushes" ON THE OUTSIDE to be fact for some models later than the stated 64-67 years.

Not to do so may be embarrassing at some point in the future. Just a heads-up.

And though long and tedious, this post was insightful in more ways than just correct weatherstripping, and I thank you. smile.gif I think we've been stressing all along that the topic as discussed was encompassing 64-67 Chevelles only. The original topic is concerned with a '66 Chevelle so it all fits. I wouldn't want to make any statements about 68-72 since I have no idea what type of set up was used on those years. If I implied along the way that this info applies to 68-72 as well let me definitively make myself clear: I'm not talking about 68-72.

I am also aware that other Chevrolet models of older and newer vintage may have used fuzzies on the inside and/or the outside, but again, we are talking about 64-67 Chevelle ONLY (at least I am). I guess I don't see any point of confusion. :confused:

The resto forum is so darn fun! Where else can you have a multi-page discussion on windowfelts! The performance guys probably think we're nuts! :D graemlins/beers.gif

Apr 18th, 03, 12:53 PM
Might have just been me Rich, but a few posts implied that felts would never have been used on the outside, for any year. I just wanted to make sure anyone who read this wouldn't get the wrong idea.

And to clarify, I know nothing about 64-68 Years, but thanks to you guys I am learnig smile.gif

And yes, the performance guys have nothing on us nit-picky detail-orinated anal-at-times types. :D


Apr 23rd, 03, 1:04 PM
wow and to think... 15 posts ago I was still the first person to give the correct information regarding how these things install.

See if ya'll just listened the first time, it wouldn't be this hard lol

Mar 16th, 05, 2:24 AM
Sorry, but I just have to open up this can of worms again!! I am in the tedious process of installing the window fuzzies in my 66 2 dr. hardtop, body style 17.

I bought my fuzzies from Ted Williams Enterprises, about 5 years ago, and paid $99 for the set. I'm just now at the point of installation (where has the time gone?). Quotes from their catalog: "The ONLY original window fuzzies (their capitalization); "We at Ted Williams manufacture and sell the only totally correct "ORIGINAL BRAND" window fuzzies for 1966-72 Chevelle and El Camino", and "We welcome comparison with ANY product on the market anywhere". Strong words, if these aren't really correct.

These fuzzies look pretty decent. I'll describe the quarter window fuzzies: One side has a round chrome bead and the end of it is turned up in a semi-circle, and it has a small rubber strip that runs along the edge. I believe that this is the outside one, but it is all fuzzy. The other strip also has a round chrome bead, but it has a rubber seal that is "V" shaped, with some fuzz on it. I think that one is the inner one. Why? Because that's the only way that the clips line up with the holes, both in location and quantity. The inner wall has 5 holes for clips and the outer wall has two holes for clips and 2 holes for screws. The little rubber strip on the all fuzzy side, it seems, should go on the outside to prevent water from going between the seal and quarter panel. These seals will fit only one way without having to remove all of the clips. And the turned up chrome bead wouldn't line up with anything if placed on the inside, but follows the sheetmetal contour if on the outside. This all contradicts what some of you have said, and I regard a couple of you as experts on 66's.

The Fisher manual barely even covers the topic, and doesn't say which ones go where (pages 7-88 & 8-24).

So do you think that these are made wrong? Are Ted Williams claims all bunk?
(catalog #29, P.131).

Mar 16th, 05, 12:09 PM
You can't just pull them out without looking for, and removing the original screw that secured them.

Mar 18th, 05, 11:06 PM
Anyone like to clear this up once and for all?

Mar 19th, 05, 9:41 AM
Accordring to Rich's opinion, SoftSeal is making them backwards. I installed a new set last weekend on my 67 convertible. They fit perfectly, but the outer was longer and had a small rubber edge and was the thick fuzzy. The inner was shorter and was the rubber sweep.

Mar 19th, 05, 7:21 PM
MileHi, that's exactly how mine are, and as I said in my lengthy post above, the supplier claimed that these are the best. That's why I'm so confused, and I don't want to have to change these later because they are incorrect.

james a larson
Mar 21st, 05, 6:26 PM
Is there any way to get the window felts out of a 66 SS without damaging the paint. Car was painted in 94. paint still excellent; but they put the flat style window felts in and I want to change to the original type.

By the way I have one original felt in place, inside drivers side. It has the felt with the V shaped rubber strip.

Mar 21st, 05, 7:42 PM
My original '65 convertible has the rubber outside and fuzzies inside.
Then again, I could be wrong. My gas tank appears to be originally painted black. :)

james a larson
Mar 22nd, 05, 11:34 AM
page 7-48 of 66 fisher service manual says J strip inner; pile outer.

Mar 23rd, 05, 4:04 AM
Thank you James Larson!! You are my new hero!! :thumbsup:

I don't know how I missed that page - I thought I'd gone through the window sections page by page. I had only found the reference on pp 7-88 thru 90, and there it did not indicate which was the inner/outer. So it turns out that the ones I have were made correctly after all.

I have installed fuzzies on one side of the car. I was even working on it at midnight tonight. Unfortunately, one of the clips on the door outer was in the wrong location so it had to be removed. Then the little tang on the clip broke off, so I couldn't relocate it to the right place. And the clips were never even installed on the ends of the outer where they belong, but on the back end it gets screwed on. I see on page 7-48 it says that to gain access to the front screw, loosen and move the ventilator. NO WAY - those things were too big of a pain to install in the first place. I'll just have to live without a front screw on the door outers. It seems fine without it. Installing the fuzzies has been one of the biggest pains in the neck on this whole project.

james a larson
Mar 24th, 05, 10:10 AM
Your never know, unless you bought the car new and haven't changed a thing. I wonder what the 65fisher service manul say for a 65 and what the 67 manual says. You never know when there was a miss print. Anyone have a 65 or 67 manual to look at? I think someone said 64-67 used the same felts. Most catalogs list different numbers for 64-5 and 66-7.

Mar 24th, 05, 10:35 AM
My Oshawa-built '67 has the fuzzies on the outside, the rubber 'squeegie' on the inside. All my weatherstripping is 100% original; I know for a fact that it has never been changed! It has been in the family since new (still only 40,000 mile). The body style is 17, a Sport Coupe (hardtop). Yes, the fuzzies have deteriorated on the driver's window (coincidently there is some rust perforation at the bottom of the doorframe where the outer doorskin crimps over the doorframe, which I oil-sprayed as soon as I got the car). I have done my utmost to keep the car dry and out of the elements during my ownership for the last 20 years (o.k., it sat out in the back 40 at my friend's farm in 1985).

I will have to see what my NOS Fisher Body Manual says about this when I get a chance. I will also cross-check it against my Canadian parts book.

james a larson
Jun 24th, 05, 11:03 AM
Anyone have any tips for removal and replacement of the windowfelts that will help in not damaging the paint?

james a larson
Jul 17th, 05, 1:48 PM
Just looked at about 20 1966 chevelles at the car craft show in St. Paul, MN yesterday. There were only 4 cars that appeared to have the original window felts. One even had most all of the chrome ring strip rusted though. All the cars had the fuzzies on the outside. One car appeared to be all original as far as I could tell except it was repainted red; but according to the tag should be white.

Jul 18th, 05, 9:55 AM
Interesting James. Some are claiming pile on the inside and alot of factory original installations suggesting pile on the outside...I observed an original '67 Canadian Malibu hardtop this weekend and checked out this very issue and it too had pile outer (rotted out parts car). Perhaps it depended on the original supplier of the felts. Perhaps GM used 2 different manufacturers/suppliers? Or are they GM produced? Despite the opinions, I am tempted to believe what I see in this case...and so far I have only seen pile outers on '67 hardtops with the originals still intact (3 for 3).


John D
Jul 18th, 05, 7:49 PM
This past Sunday (yesterday) I removed everything on the doors of my El Camino in preparation for paint - including the original rubbers & fuzzies.

What was left of the rubbers (totally dried out and shattering - mostly a metal strip with clips) were on the inside, and the not-so-fuzzies anymore where on the outside.

I used a standard Snap-On "panel popper" tool to remove them. After removing the vent window assembly and door glass from the regulator arms, I slid one of the tongues of the popper between the sheetmetal and the tab of the clip (inside the door). A little giggling and each clip let go and the strip came out. The original clips had "barbs" on them that dig in - hence they won't easily slip out of the slots in the sheetmetal.

In your case (if the vent window is in place) it may take some careful "finesse" to get the forward edge tucked under the vent window seals/rubber.

Jul 21st, 05, 2:31 AM
Hate to throw fuel on the fire, especially 3 months late but this was posted by Mike Crown, aka 66 Mystery Chevelle as "One of the nicest 66's in the country". Check out the window felts: fuzzies outside, rubber inside, same as my 66. Hard to imagine a restoration this good having window felts wrong. Could they have come both ways? Based on all the responses, it seems as though they did.

Mike Sibbitt
66 396 SS

Jul 21st, 05, 11:03 AM
aka 66 Mystery Chevelle as "One of the nicest 66's in the country". Check out the window felts: fuzzies outside,

Mike Sibbitt
66 396 SS[/QUOTE]

In an earlier post Mike agreed fuzzies on inside !!! And we all know Mike is never wrong :) appears to me could be both ways .......just changed mine last week on my 66 matched up the new fuzzies to originals and were a perfect fit and match ....... and fuzzies on out side ......

BTW alot easier if you changing the u-shape weather strip to do that before the rear quarter inside rubber install and the windlace cap install also. FWIW

CT Mark
Jul 22nd, 05, 5:10 PM
That's an old post from Mike and his car wasn't accessible when he answered. It was from memory and at his advanced age, you know what happens! :D

His car actually has the fuzzies on the outside. My '66 did too....and trust me when I say they were original!

james a larson
Dec 14th, 05, 4:18 PM
Now what about the front window door channel run, Is the fuzzie on the inside or the outside? Year one Claims their's is on the inside; but they also claim the window felts they have have the fuzzie on the inside. Wrote them for clarification, waiting for a response.