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: 71 el camino fenders

Nov 25th, 03, 8:23 PM
does anybody out there know a good place to track down some fenders for a 71 el camino? i found one place that sells fiberglass repro's but i'm not sure i wanna go glass... and i've found everything up to 69 no problem but having trouble finding a source for 70-72. thanks for the help. take care.

Nov 26th, 03, 11:00 PM
1970-1972 El Camino fenders are very difficult to find in decent shape. When you find one or a set, be prepared for sticker shock. A good rust free fender will set you back around $300-400 (this price is typical up here in the rust belt, it may be less in Ca.) If you can find NOS, the price will be out of this world. The last one I saw NOS was at Carlisle two years ago and it didn't last past Friday at lunch time. Every now and again on shows up on E-bay

1970-1972 El Camino's (and Chevelle based station wagons) used the same basic fenders, except that the 1970 fenders have marker light cut-outs, but these can easily be patched and it'll look right for a '71-'72. Also, as you probably know, shipping could get expensive so it's better if you find them local, but once again, these are getting hard to find in good shape so that might be easier said than done.