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richard p
Aug 1st, 02, 4:21 PM
i have a debat going with some friends, i say that the 70 chevelle was able to be ordered with the LS-7 engine straight from the factory, they say no it was never installed in any chevy car or truck at all and was a over the counter engine only, this goes against everything i have ever heard, plus you could get the engine with aluminum heads, which i have seen a article of a documented chevelle with a 454 and aluminum heads, please help me with this

Aug 1st, 02, 4:51 PM
Sorry to tell you this but your wrong.I hope you didn't bet any money...


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Aug 1st, 02, 5:20 PM
sorry...LS-7 was a dealer installed option only in the Chevelle.

Aug 1st, 02, 6:35 PM
There were also a couple of Vette test mules assembled. Never sold to the public.

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Dwayne Martin
Aug 1st, 02, 6:42 PM
I agree, no LS7 engines every factory installed in chevelles. I think the aluminum heads were supposedly only available on the 396/375 cars. But, there was an LS6 car that had aluminum heads and a build sheet to back it up.

Aug 1st, 02, 7:26 PM
I think the LS6 out of Texas was later proven to be a fake or very questionable at least.

Patrick Bellene
Aug 1st, 02, 9:03 PM
I thought that the top dog available in '70 was the 450 hr LS-6. What where the spec's of the LS-7, and how many of them were built, and what where they available in?

Aug 1st, 02, 10:59 PM
The LS-7 was "rated" at 460 HP,for Ralph Naders benefit, but was generally accepted to produce around 575 HP at the crankshaft.

THe LS-7 did come with aluminum heads as standard equipment just like the L-88.

Another post mentioned an aluminum head 396/375. As far as I know that engine was an "iron" head engine.

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Matt Smith
Aug 1st, 02, 11:45 PM
let me chime in here

I know someone that has a near perfect 70 LS7 Chevelle clone. When I talked to her, she had told me that through her research she had found out that the LS7 WAS to be installed in the CHEVELLE when plans were first made for it. This was nixed, then the Vette got nixed too. When I see her again I will ask where she got her info

Aug 2nd, 02, 12:06 AM
The 375 hp L78 in the '69 Camaro SS could have been ordered with L89 alum heads. It was still rated at 375 hp though!!

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Bomber '67
Aug 2nd, 02, 12:37 AM
It has been WAY too many years ago, so my memory might not serve me that well on the details of the LS7. I sold them over the Chevy parts counter, I remember it being costly but sold regularly. I also remember it being rated at 465 hp, with 12.5:1 compression. The over the counter LS6's part # 366250 were more popular (see, I still remember the pn!) because they ran better on pump gas. For the life of me I cannot remember the LS7 crate engine having aluminum heads - but fading memories will do that to you.


Aug 2nd, 02, 1:06 AM
i had one, but it came with iron heads