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Jan 24th, 02, 4:11 PM
Here is a little update on aluminum AFCO radiators. I know this belongs in "Heating & Cooling", but when I posted my original question in both forums 2 weeks ago, I got 20 hits in Chevelle Tech 2001, and 0 hits in Heating & Cooling. I spoke with AFCO TC contact Bob Bruning, who related that the NEW prices (with TC discount) are $179 for the universal 31"x19" (w/out trans cooler); and $419 for the direct fit 34"x19" (w/out cooler - $50 more w/cooler). He says that the cooling efficiency is the same between each size, since the actual core size is the same. The tanks are bigger, so you have slightly more capacity with the 34"x19" - but he says your temperature will be the same. He indicated that running my TH400 thru an external cooler ONLY, rather than thru the radiator and external cooler will help the engine to run cooler, too. I ordered the 31"x19" for my '72 454 convertible, so I'll let you know this summer how it fits & cools. Also, if you go to AFCO's home website, you may find it difficult to find all of the radiators (at least I did). A better way is to go directly to ( or call 800-417-7441. On a side note, thanks to TC members Richard & Judy (LVMAXX), who put up with my pestering them for AFCO details - I appreciated your help!


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Matt Leuck
Jan 24th, 02, 6:51 PM
Thanks Bill,
I actually just posted about aluminum radiators in Heating And Cooling, b/c GM discontinued the part i was looking for.
And $179 is a great price.
How do you get the discount? Just tell them you are a Team Chevelle Member?


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Jan 24th, 02, 8:03 PM
Yes, if you call and ask for Bob Bruning, tell him you're a TC member. If you are going for the 31x19, I don't think he takes anything off for us - $179 is what he said, same price listed on their website - but you can still ask. Check out that link above, and look at radiator #80102N.