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: 6 cylinder Tachometer to 8 cylinder. Electronic fun.

Feb 14th, 02, 10:21 PM
I was finishing a dash for my chevelle and, after wiring all my guages, I found that the tach I got was apparantly out of a 6 cylinder camaro. Last time I checked I had 8 cylinders. So that means I either have to put in a 6 banger distributor or convert this tach over.
I know it can be done, because I made a crude tach one time using LEDs and some special IC from RatShack. This tach could be switched to 4,6, or 8 cylinder pulses. Unfortunatly this was done at a time when I had more money, patience, and brains (painting with clearcoat took care of the brains I guess). However, I do remember some of you folk are rather handy with electronics. I happily welcome your suggestions here, and no, I ain't buyin' a new tach. Thanks!

Feb 14th, 02, 10:42 PM
Is a autometer tach? If so I think the way you make it for a 6cly is to clip a wire that loops at the base of the tach. If you splice that back together I think you are in business.

I know for a fact thats how it works for a 4cyl from back in my aircooled VW days.