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: need help setting TV cable on 96 blazer

Jun 15th, 03, 9:43 PM
Just finished doing the intake manifold gaskets on my 96 blazer, and when I was taking things apart I unclipped the adjustment lock for the TV cable. This is is CSFI fuel injection and has a large throttle body with the throttle and TV cables connecting on the pass side. Injectors are under the top half of the manifold. I undid the TV clip thinking it was for removing the cable from the throttle body but after looking at it realized I screwed up. The cable didnt snap back or anything so I dont think it had tension on it..I just relocked the clip but am not sure it is in the correct spot because it doesnt seem right.. How do I set this one up?

Jun 15th, 03, 9:59 PM
If all you did was take the clip off, you probably did not move the adjustment, but it is pretty easy to do so here goes....
I am assuming it is the same as all non-electronic 7004r's ... There is a "button" on the cable end assembly that releases the outer cable from the support. What you do is push the button in and while holding it, grab hold of the cable housing and pull it back towards the firewall as far as you can...then release the button. This will lock the cable. Now...go inside the truck and slowly mash the throttle all the way to the floor as far as you can. This will automatically pull the cable housing back to the correct adjustment.
Basically what this does is adjust the cable so that when you are at full throttle, the cable is pulled as far as possible out of the trans.
Hope this helps,

Jun 15th, 03, 10:55 PM
thanks, but this one has me stumped. I will try and get a pic tomorrow. This one looks like it works the opposite way, that is the cable gets pulled into the trans as the throttle opens. Is that possible? I wish I had never touched the thing. It is confusing me because as I work the throttle by hand the cable is NOT getting pulled back into the trans but it looks like it has to in order to work. Im stumped!

Jun 15th, 03, 11:05 PM
I can find out for sure on Monday. Send me a reminder e-mail sometime in the morning so I will get it at the shop. It is also possible that the cable got unhooked from the arm in the trans when you had the cable loose....I have had that happen. Its easy enought to fix you just have to get under the car and fish the little "lever" that the cable attaches to out of the trans and then hook it up.

Peter F.
Jun 15th, 03, 11:14 PM
Are you sure you're not looking at the cruise control cable. This is a 96 so that transmission will be electronically controlled and not have a cable.


Jun 15th, 03, 11:38 PM
you just saved me smile.gif I was reading up on the 4l60e and read that shifts were controlled by sensors, but it never occured to me that the cable could be for anything else. Just traced it out and you are right on. Thanks a bunch I know I was going to lose sleep over this one. Amazing how I can get so much info here on anything, and the members over at a S10 bulletin board couldnt answer my question. Now hopefully the intake gaskets I just put on dont leak and I can get the truck back on the road. Thanks again! Also thank you Bill for trying!