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: Vac. modulator on blower motor

77 cruiser
Dec 15th, 03, 12:28 AM
This is for a friend of mine, hes building a blown BB. It will have a turbo 400 & is wondering the best way to hook up the vac. modulator , carb base vac. or below the blower or would it be better to use a cable operated modulator??


Dec 15th, 03, 12:37 AM
A friend of mine ran a TH350 behind a 6-71'd SBC and the vacuum off the back of the carb worked fine.

On a TH400,
you can get the mechanical modulator off a diesel application...

Good luck.

Pro Built Automatics
Dec 15th, 03, 7:21 AM
The the mechanical modulator setup off a diesel application, mentioned above is best way to do this right.

77 cruiser
Dec 15th, 03, 11:06 AM
I ran one way back when hooked to the carb base & not a problem, but I told him I might be concerned about too much vac. @ part throttle. I don't know how much vac. you get @ P/T on these apps. I never checked mine only @ idle which was 10 in.

He works @ a GM dealer so the mechanical one would be no problem.