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: Adjusting the Kickdown cable on a TH350??

Feb 10th, 02, 2:12 AM
Can anyone tell me the adjustment procedure for the TH350 kickdown cable? This is what I did but I'm not sure if it is right.

Opened the throttle all the way on the carb, pulled the kickdown cable all the way out, matched the linkage with the distance to pull the kickdown all the way and tighened it. If this is not correct please let me know. The car is not running yet so I can't see if it works. I'm trying to get all the adjustments right before I take this thing to the engine builder to start. He gives one free hour to start his engines, the rest is on me. So the closer I can get this car to being right the better off I will be.


Feb 10th, 02, 2:40 AM
With the engine off manually open the throttle to WOT and lift the "gate" that you will find on the kickdown cable housing directly behind the cable mounting bracket bolted to your intake manifold . The gate lifts straight up. Once you have lifted it up with the throttle at WOT then push it back down and you are done. Do not release the throttle from WOT till you have pushed the gate down.

I am having a problem with what you said you did to the kickdown linkage. The linkage is NOT supposed to be tight and you say you tightened it. I would like a bit more info on what you did. The kickdown linkage end has a long slot for a reason. The throttle pin that rides in the linkage slides back and forth in that long slot and that is normal. If you found a way to tighten it then you have done something wrong. Please refer to my instructions. They are the ONLY correct way to adjust that cable. Good luck

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Feb 10th, 02, 12:25 PM
I had to get an adjustable aftermarket cable because the orig cable was to short for the BB conversion. The new cable has multiple adjustments. I think the length of the cable is correct, it has a gentle s curve from the trans to the spectre mount connected to the holley carb. There is another adjustment at the square black clip that snaps into the mounting bracket. Spinning the black clip moves it back and forth on a threaded collar. That I have'nt touched. The final adjustment is made at the steel linkage end that slides back and forth on the pin that you described, it has a long cable going through a cable clamp, a cylindrical piece of brass with a hole for the cable to slide through and a screw on one end that tightens down on the cable to give you your final length. That clamp is held in place with the long slotted piece that connects to the carb. Once you have the desired final length of cable you trim the excess cable. When I say I tightened the end linkage I was talking about the cylindrical brass cable clamp.

With the throttle Wide open the pin on the carb slides to the end of the slotted linkage end and pulls the kickdown cable as far out as the spring in the transmission will go. When the throttle is released the pin on the throttle linkage slides back and is about 1/3rd back on the slotted end linkage. I hope I explained that ok, I'm starting to confuse myself.

thanks for the help............bk

Oct 14th, 02, 1:18 PM
As far as I know, the kickdown cable on my '71 TH350 is original -- everything else on the car seems to be, except for what I've modified. But I don't see a "gate" or "tab" behind where the cable mounts to the linkage. Can someone post or email me with a picture of what the "gate" or "tab" is supposed to look like?

I'm swapping in a new motor, and want to make sure I have the kickdown adjusted right. I installed a new Edelbrock carb, with an aftermarket adjustable linkage. Right now, it's set about halfway through the adjustment. Kickdown is loose at idle position, and becomes "springy" at about half throttle position, and "tight" at WOT. Does this sound right?

Many thanks,
'71 Fodor
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Oct 14th, 02, 2:44 PM
The gate I refer to is part of the housing immediately behind where the cable HOUSING fits through the bracket that is attached to the coil mounting holes along with the coil. (assuming you have a coil on the stock location on your intake manifold,)

If you look at the cable housing directly behind that bracket you will see a square tab that is flush with the housing. That tab can be lifted straight up. When you find it and see how it lifts then go back to my earlier post in this thread and follow my instructions.

Oct 22nd, 02, 1:55 PM
Found it, fixed it. Thank you!