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: Stall to match new cam in 350/TH350

Jan 21st, 04, 12:44 AM
I am replacing my 305H cam with a 280H in my 350, along with some other changes. Here is what I will have:
AFR 190cc heads
Comp 280H cam
TH350 tranny w/3.73 posi rear end.

I currently have a 3500 stall in the car, which is too high for me. Can anyone recommend a resonably priced stall for my new combo?

I think something in the 2500 range would be good, but there are a lot of choices and I'd rather not spend $400 unless I absolutely have to.


Jan 21st, 04, 12:58 AM
I think a 3500 stall converter would be about right for a 350/280H/AFR190 setup. I have a 3500 stall setup in my daily driver. Works great. We ran a 3000 stall in a similar 355" motor and it just didn't launch well except with a 100 shot. Put the same cam in a budget 406 and it works much better, we dropped about 7 tenths.

Oldani Motorsports
Jan 21st, 04, 8:29 AM
Usually for needing 3500-ish for stall speed you find most using cams pushing about 20* more duration @ .050" than you will be, but it should work fine with the 10" you have now. Your cam is pretty small in reality. You already have some decent heads and a stout-enough gear back there. If you did not want to use the existing converter, then IMO possibly an 11" with stall speed in the 2500-2800 range would work okay, but you may give up some track performance compared to the 10". The 11" converters are well under $400 too! As an example I have the BTE 11" street/strip ones at $255 including shipping. They have furnace brazed fins, dual anti-ballooning plates, good hub, new Torringtons, are balanced and pressure tested, plus they have a full one-year warranty on the sprag and stator. Even the BTE 10" 3400-3800 stall speed converters are only $355, and the 9.5" BTE that would push stall speeds to 4K goes for $375.

Jan 21st, 04, 11:32 AM
Thanks for the replies. I guess I don't have a very good idea on how to pick the right stall.

With the 280H cam, won't a lot of my power and torque be below 3500 rpm (cam rpm 2k-6k i think)? If this is true, wouldn't a lower 2500-ish stall be right for this application?