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: 66 Chevelle SS???

Jul 10th, 01, 3:56 PM
Just bought a 66 Chevelle..possible SS..had the emblems but not sure if its a true and true SS..please help if you can...
Codes as follows..
12B Detroit
ST-66-13817 BodyBF
TR 750 Paint 3R
ACC 23 695
Thanks in advance

Jul 10th, 01, 4:02 PM
The car was saved from the crusher ..3 weeks and it was gone..Just some dumb luck I guess but waitng to see if I was the dumb one...Rookie here and not sure..got it today and paid 200.00 for it...thanks again

Jul 10th, 01, 4:12 PM
It's real. The "138" on the cowl tag shows it to be a SS; "136" would be a Malibu. The VIN should also start with a 138. Might check it as sometimes cowl tags get changed.

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Jul 10th, 01, 9:30 PM
Hey Lou! As Dale said, looks like the real McCoy with the 138176 Vin

You also have a car built very close to the same time as mine and at the same assembly plant.

You have a 2nd week December 1965
Built at the Fremont, CA plant
Red Bucket seat interior
Regal Red body paint

Very nice...hope she's something you can revive http://www.chevelles.com/forum/smile.gif


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