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: Strange discovery in the dash harness.

Feb 18th, 04, 4:15 AM
Hi Everyone!

Upon tracing the gray wires in the dash harness that run to some of the dash lights (1972 LeMans... for argument's sake let's pretend it's a Chevelle :D ) I noticed something strange. 5 gray wires splice into 3 gray wires.

There is some kind of crimped collar (about 1/8" wide) that brings them all together. I suspect that this is a factory setup. While all the other wires in the harness are clean, these are really dirty. I would like to break the splice and reconnect the wires to get a better connection.

The burning question... :confused:

What do you suggest for splicing these wires (I would say they are 14ga.) back together? I was thinking of stripping off some of the insulation on both sides, twisting the copper together and splicing in some heavier gauge wire in between to provide some more slack. Any risk of voltage drop? Other issues to consider? Suggest away! :D

Yeah, yeah...I know it's not a Chevelle, but the similarity of the A-body makes these issues transparent. Besides, I've yet to come across
a greater, more willing, and friendlier automotive forum. The body of knowledge here is beyond impressive.

Thanks in advance!



Feb 18th, 04, 9:53 AM
Henry I'd solder them together

SNFU Mobile
Feb 18th, 04, 11:12 AM
Yeah, solder and some shrink tubing.

I love shrink tubing.

I would shring tube every wire in my car if I could, I think that stuff is just awesome.

Jim Streib
Feb 18th, 04, 6:26 PM
There are more than one of those style connections buried in the harness but if the existing one is corroded then it needs to be cut out. A short wire to replace what was cut out should be the same diameter as the combined and twisted together ones and then what I would do is slip on some shrink tube and then put on a butt crimp connector on one end of the factory two wires that will then crimp onto your single extension wire. Now do the same to the other end of your filler wire to connect to the triple wires and then solder both crimps. Slide over the shrink tube and shrink it down over the connections.
If you can't find any butt connectors without the colored insulation on them, you can usually push out the center metal part using a scratch awl or small allen wrench and then throw away the nylon housing. I do the same thing when I'm working on ignition circuits on cars when I'm adding security systems. The crimp gives it a mechanical and smoother connection to cover later and by soldering it you make it even better and give it more corrosion resistance.