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: 70 Malibu's Green Dash Lights

Jul 2nd, 04, 5:44 PM
What's the best way to change the dash light tint from green to..., oh say, blue?
Thanks in advance,

Steve S
Jul 2nd, 04, 11:33 PM
Buy a 71 or 72 gauge cluster.

70 nialator
Jul 3rd, 04, 12:18 AM
Donít know why the heck you would want toÖ. but to each his own. There are 3 green plastic covers that has 3 melted joints. The clear bulbs shine through them making the green tent for the turn signals and brake lights. If you want blue Iím thinking youíre going to have to change them. The green is actually part if the gauge but auto zone does sell colored bulbs that might alter the color, If I recall correctly it takes 14 bulbs total, they push into the black round housings then the black housings twist into the printed circuit - pics from my SS