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: Need help identifying these 70 SS dash wires

Jul 1st, 04, 9:20 AM
Put my dash in last night and hooking up the wires. Not sure what these are for. This is a 70 SS no A/C no Gauges

The 12g pink and 14g ppl according to wire manual go to the dir signal flasher - but isn't that on the fuse box already?

The other plugs are

What looks to 18g orange plug - have no idea - it's not the cigarette lighter as that is plugged in already

Then there is the what looks to be 18g black and 16g brown - have no idea what this one is for.

Any help would ber great. See link to pic.



Steve S
Jul 1st, 04, 10:37 AM
Just going from memory I would guess the extra orange wire is for the optional clock.
You have two flashers - one for hazard warning and turn signals. The one on the fuse box is hazard warning.
Not sure on the brown/black, where is it located?
Some harnesses have wiring for A/C and non A/C. If your car had A/C I think the brown/black would power the A/C panel and you have a separate harness for the fan/resistor connections.

Jul 1st, 04, 10:45 AM

Sounds correct - I recall an orange to the clock if there was one and it is coming out of the harness by the clock so the orange is mopre then likely that.

I forgot there were two flashers, thks - that one is solved.

The brown black I was considering the same - the harness came out of a 70 Monte - but not sure if it had air or not. Either way though I don't think an A/C and non A/C dash harness are different, only the forward or engine harnesses would be.



Jul 1st, 04, 8:49 PM
If brown comes from pin #9, it's for tach

Elree Colby
Jul 1st, 04, 9:58 PM

A/C and non A/C harnesses are different. The one you have is for an A/C car. The brown wire is power for the A/C harness. The black wire, if you look close I think you will find a pink stripe, is power to the TCS circuit. If you can still read the fuse identification the top right fuse is marked A/C TCS.

Jul 2nd, 04, 10:25 AM
Thks Elree, I'll take a close look at it this weekend - probably was an A/C car.