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: Ignition switch and CD player problems

Aug 26th, 03, 6:33 PM
After having someone maul my steering collumn while trying to steal my car, I had to have the steering collumn replaced. I decided to pay the guy at the garage to handle the headache for me. He found a collumn in a '72 Malibu and put it in my '71.

For the most part it works better than the original, except for the fact that every time I turn my car off, my CD player resets. Clock goes to 12:00, all my preset stations reset to factory settings, I lose my custom equalizer settings. This is something I can live with, but it is kinda annoying. My guess is it is something to do with the ignition switch, but I'm no Electrical Engineer so I don't know where to start fixing it.

Has anyone had this happen to them? If so how did you fix it? Anybody have a suggestion as to where I should start looking for the problem?

Aug 26th, 03, 7:20 PM
There's a wire from your CD player that holds the memory settings. Someone has it hooked up wrong. Guessing maybe an orange wire but consult the radio's owners manual.
Some installers hook this up to the cigarette lighter wiring while others run it over to the BAT terminal on the fuse block. The BAT (battery) terminal has power on it with the key off to hold the memory settings. It sounds like this wire may have been moved to the IGN (ignition) terminal on the fuseblock.
Your garage guy may have moved the stereo wires out of the way and just plugged the memory wire on the IGN or ACC instead of the BAT.

Oct 4th, 03, 6:58 PM
okay, my car's stereo does the same thing. do i have to splice into the dash harness to connect the "memory" wire to BAT fuse? currently my kenwood spits out CDs (when turning on the car) and un-programs the sations and settings.

its funny (kind of) that you mention that some installers splice into the cig lighter wiring, when i first got my car, if you pushed in the cig lighter it would blow the fuse that powered the lighter/stereo/domelight. is this typical of splicing into the cig lighter wiring?

also is there anyway i can hook this up without having to cut up my dash harness?

thanks in advance.

Oct 4th, 03, 8:17 PM
check the yellow wire in harness, that is usually the color of the wire that has a fuse in-line on the harness(this wire requires BATTERY connection). that is what keeps the memory. my guess is that this wire is connected to a 12V switched source, reseting the CD player everytime u turn the car off.

Oct 4th, 03, 9:28 PM
i know that i need a battery connection for the yellow memory wire, but i would rather not have a solitary yellow wire running from my stereo through the firewall and across my engine bay (on inner fender) going straight to my battery, it just looks out of place. that is why i was wondering you i could go about connecting the wire to the BAT terminal on the fuse box while not cutting up any of the dash wires that go to that terminal/

on a side note, what are the prongs that run down the middle of the fuse box (another one my the small LPS fuse i believe) used for. do these just suppy power when the key in turned to the on/acc positions?

Oct 5th, 03, 1:12 AM
BAT is Battery on the fuseblock. I don't think anyone is suggesting stringing a line out to the battery. BAT is always hot even when the key is off. This is where the memory line should be tied to.
BAT always hot.
IGN hot when the key is ON.
LMPS when the headlight switch is ON.

Oct 5th, 03, 2:08 AM
okay, Mr. Muha, sorry if im ignorant or im not wording my questions right. how exactly to i wire the memory wire to the BAT, is it just the prong that is next to it (to the right of BAT?) if so then this seems all too easy, which would be a good thing. im sorry man i just always assume the worst, in this case the worst would be cutting up my brand new harness.

graemlins/beers.gif when im old enough. at this rate your gonna get drunk when i turn 21.

Steve S
Oct 10th, 03, 2:13 PM
It's just that easy. Terminal next to BAT on fuse blcok.